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How to Lubricate Pillow Block Block Bearings

In mechanical equipment, pillow block bearings are a common bearing type. Pillow block bearings can accommodate heavy loads and are suitable for low to moderate-speed rotating applications. However, due to friction and wear in operation, pillow block bearings require lubrication to maintain good running conditions.

This blog will introduce some basic principles and methods on how to lubricate pillow block bearings to ensure the extension of bearing life and the normal operation of the equipment.

1. Purpose and principle of lubrication

The main purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear in bearings and components. Inside the bearing, the rolling elements support the load and turn by contacting the inner and outer rings. But due to the pressure on the contact surfaces, friction generates heat and wear that impairs the performance of the bearing. Lubricating oil or grease reduces friction and isolates component surfaces by forming a film, reducing wear.

Lubrication usually uses grease or oil in two ways. Compared with other types of bearings, pillow block bearings are usually lubricated with grease. Greases generally include mineral oils, synthetic oils, and different consistency grades. Choose appropriate grease to provide good lubrication for the bearings.

2. Select the appropriate grease

Selecting the proper grease is the first step in lubricating pillow block-housed bearings. Choose a grease with a consistent grade that can withstand the working conditions. Grease should have high heat resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and fluidity. It is also necessary to consider the waterproofness of the grease and whether it can withstand the vibration and load of the equipment.

The appropriate lubrication grade should be selected according to the load capacity and speed to ensure the fluidity of the lubricating grease in the equipment. When the equipment runs at high speed or has a high load, it is advisable to choose grease with high lubricating performance.

3. Lubrication frequency and method

The frequency and method of lubrication are the keys to lubricating pillow block bearings. The frequency of lubrication depends on the service conditions of the bearing, such as load, speed, etc. Common lubrication methods include manual, automatic, condensation, etc., but each method needs to determine the lubrication frequency according to the use environment and bearing conditions.

When using manual lubrication, care should be taken to use proper lubricators and equipment maintenance to ensure uniform grease lubrication. When using an automatic lubrication system, attention should also be paid to replacing the lubricator in time and setting the lubrication cycle and lubricant supply according to the operating conditions and needs of the equipment.

When lubricating pillow block bearings, it should be carefully checked whether the grease is evenly coated on the bearing surface, and to ensure that the grease is not too much or too little. If there is too much grease, high temperature or excessive internal pressure may be generated, affecting the performance of the bearing. Too little lubrication or lack of lubrication will cause friction and wear, which will eventually lead to bearing failure.

4. Pay attention to the running state of the bearing

Regularly checking the running status of the bearing is also one of the important links to maintain the lubrication effect. When the bearing is abnormal, stop the machine in time to check the cause and replace the automatic lubrication system, change the operating conditions or replace the bearing.

Abnormal conditions of bearings may include vibration, noise, high temperature, etc. For example, if bearing wear produces too much friction, it can cause high temperatures on the bearing surfaces, leading to bearing damage or accelerated wear. If the bearing is abnormal, it must be corrected in time to maintain the normal operation of the bearing and prolong the life of the equipment.

In conclusion

Lubricating pillow block bearings is an important means to maintain the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Proper lubrication can effectively reduce the friction and wear of bearings and prolong the service life of the equipment. In order to ensure the effective lubrication of the bearing, it is necessary to select the appropriate grease and use the appropriate lubrication method and frequency. Finally, it is also necessary to pay attention to the operating state of the bearing and correct any abnormal conditions in time.


This blog introduces some basic principles and methods on how to lubricate pillow block bearings. I hope this information can help readers lubricate mechanical equipment correctly and prolong the service life of bearings. As an AI language model, I am constantly learning and improving, and I hope my contributions can provide readers with useful information and knowledge.

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