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UCPX20 4 inch pillow block bearing

UCPX20 4 inch pillow block bearing

4-inch pillow block bearing refers to a kind of bearing used in mechanical equipment. The 4-inch measurement refers to the size of the bearing bore, or opening in the center of the shaft installation, which has a pillow-like housing that supports the bearing insert and facilitates installation and removal. This type of bearing is commonly used in conveyors, fans, pumps, and agricultural machinery. It is designed to provide reliable support and reduce friction, helping to extend the life of the equipment used.

Product Details

The UCPX20 pillow block bearing is a bearing used in machinery and equipment, the 4-inch measurement refers to the size of the bearing bore or opening in the center of the shaft mounting. UCPX20 seated bearing is a unit consisting of a housing and a bearing insert, usually made of steel or some polymer, designed to withstand high radial loads and moderate axial loads, traditionally used for high speed, high precision, and long service life applications.


4 Inch Pillow Block Bearings are commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as conveyor belts, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, water pumps, etc. It can support rotary motion with high load capacity and long life.

working principle

Pillow block bearing is a common mechanical component, its main function is to support the rotating shaft or bearing so that the shaft or bearing can rotate stably and bear the force.

Pillow block bearings usually consist of a shell and a bearing. The shell is usually a base made of a rigid material, and a circular hole is provided in the center of the base to accommodate the bearing. The bearing itself is an inner and outer cylinder, which is used to bear the rotation and load of the shaft.

When the rotating shaft rotates, the inner ring in the bearing will rotate synchronously, and at the same time, due to the friction between the balls or rollers and the outer ring, the outer ring will not rotate with the rotating shaft, but will always remain in the fixed position. This enables support and positioning of the axis of rotation.

The working principle of Pillow block bearing is similar to other bearings, but because its shell is a whole piece, it supports stability, easy installation, long service life, and is suitable for much different mechanical equipment.


pillow block roller bearings of the UCPX Series


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