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1 1 16 shaft size pillow block bearing ucp20608414458873 2

1 1/16” Shaft Size Pillow Block Bearing UCP206-17

GJP 1 1/16″ Shaft Size Pillow Block Bearing UCP206-17 is a bearing used in various industrial applications. This bearing has a strong base and is suitable for heavy duty applications. It is designed to support diameters up to 1 1/16 ” Shafts are typically used in machinery and equipment that require high radial and axial loads.

One of the main advantages of GJP mounted bearings is their ease of installation and use. It is pre-lubricated to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation. The solid base housing also provides greater stability and reduces vibration, making it ideal for high-speed applications.

GJP 1 1/16″ Shaft Pillow Block Bearing UCP206-17 is widely used in various industries such as agriculture, construction, mining and manufacturing. It is commonly used in conveying systems, pumps, compressors and other equipment requiring heavy bearing support.

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1 1 2 bore tight fit j7 pillow block bearing48364230474 1

1 1/2” Bore Tight Fit J7 Pillow Block Bearing HCP208-24

GJP has designed a top-of-the-line mounted unit bearing that is perfect for any industrial application. The GJP 1 1/2″ Tight Fit J7 Pillow Block Bearing HCP208-24 is an eccentric locking collar type bearing that boasts a high shaft height and a long and solid bottom base.

One of the key features of the GJP 1 1/2″ Tight Fit J7 Pillow Block Bearing HCP208-24 is its versatile grease fitting location. GJP offers customers the option to have the grease fitting located on a 45-degree angle, or at the top or bottom of the housing base. This allows for easy maintenance and lubrication, and ensures long-lasting performance.

The GJP 1 1/2″ Tight Fit J7 Pillow Block Bearing HCP208-24 is built to withstand even the toughest operating conditions. Its solid bottom base provides extra stability and support, while the eccentric locking collar type ensures a secure fit onto the shaft.

Designed by GJP, this mounted unit bearing is the perfect choice for any industrial application that requires a reliable and durable bearing solution. Choose the GJP 1 1/2″ Tight Fit J7 Pillow Block Bearing HCP208-24 for outstanding performance and long-lasting reliability.

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set screw locking pillow block bearing

1 1/2” Set Screw Locking Pillow Block Bearing Unit UCP208-24 for Welding Machine

GJP 1 1/2″ Set Screw Locking Pillow Block Bearing Unit UCP208-24 For Welding Machine. Compared with other ordinary bearings, spherical bearing housing has a feature of double-layer sealing. Because the operating environment of the outer spherical ball bearing is relatively harsh, especially the agricultural machinery bearing, and the double-layer seal ensures that the dust is not easy to enter the inside of the channel. Spherical bearing housing is more convenient to use than ordinary angular contact ball bearings.

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1 1 4 bore stainless steel four bolt flange50379768542 1

1 1/4 Bore Stainless Steel Flange Bearings Unit SSUCF207-20

Solid base housing construction with heavy duty design-supplied with water/wash resistant food grade grease-Standard seal: standard stainless steel plate shield with double sides-GJP Housing No: SF207. Stainless steel flange bearings are not easy to rust and have strong corrosion resistance. Can be cleaned without relubrication to prevent rust. UCF207-20 stainless steel flange bearings are mainly used in construction machinery, machine tools, automobiles, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, machinery, electric power, railways and other industries.

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1 1 4 bearing housing ucp207 2020594103521 1

1 1/4” Bearing Housing UCP207-20

Bolt ball bearing units, under normal circumstances, have a large bearing capacity and can be applied to various support structures with limited installation sizes. Before the bearing is installed, an appropriate amount of grease is generally injected. Therefore, under normal circumstances, after the product installation is complete, the user does not need to enter the lubricating oil alone. The product’s cover is closed, which has the advantage of being able to seal but can slip in a small axial environment. 

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1 1 4 mounted unit bearings ucp206 2023477714098 2

1 1/4” Mounted Unit Bearings UCP206-20

GJP UCP206-20 is a high-quality mounted unit bearing with a solid base type housing that is designed to provide superior performance in demanding industrial applications. Featuring a wide inner ring bearing insert, which is locked securely to the shaft with two set screws, this unit ensures optimal alignment and reduces the chances of slippage or damage to the bearings.

The GJP UCP206-20 is assembled with J7 tight fitting, ensuring excellent stability and minimizing the risk of bearing misalignment during operation. This ensures that the bearing insert and housing are securely mounted, even under heavy loads and extreme conditions.

This mounted unit bearing is ideal for use in a variety of industrial applications, including conveyor systems, power transmission equipment, and other machinery where reliable and efficient operation is critical. Its solid base type housing provides added strength and durability, ensuring that this unit can withstand even the toughest working conditions.

Overall, the GJP UCP206-20 is a top-quality mounted unit bearing that provides superior performance, reliability, and durability. With its robust construction and innovative design features, this unit is an excellent choice for demanding industrial applications that require the very best in bearing technology.

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1 1 4 re lubrication pillow block bearing45339819216 1

1 1/4” Re-lubrication Pillow Block Bearing HCP207-20

The GJP 1 1/4″ Re-lubrication Pillow Block Bearing HCP207-20 is an exceptional choice for heavy-duty applications. This durable bearing boasts an American outer shape style heavy-duty housing that has been designed to withstand heavy loads and provide excellent strength. The housing is crafted with two strong castings near the bolt, and the bolt’s sides can be customized to match the requirements of your equipment.

If you’re looking for a dependable pillow block bearing that can handle the toughest industrial environments, the GJP HCP207-20 is an excellent choice. Its high-quality manufacturing ensures long-lasting performance while its robust housing design provides superior strength and toughness.

One of the standout features of this pillow block bearing is its re-lubrication capability. By allowing for easy lubrication of the bearing, you can extend its service life and reduce the risk of premature failure. This makes it an ideal option for applications where sustainability is a priority.

In addition to its technical features, the GJP HCP207-20 pillow block bearing is also easy to install and maintain. So, if you’re looking for a versatile, reliable, and cost-effective bearing solution for your machinery, you can’t go wrong with the GJP HCP207-20 pillow block bearing.

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stainless steel pillow block bearings housing

1 1/4” Stainless Steel Pillow Block Bearings Housing SSUCP207-20 Equal with MUCP207-20 and SUCSP207-20

GJP 1 1/4″ Stainless Steel Pillow Block Bearings Housing SSUCP207-20 Equal with MUCP207-20 And SUCSP207-20. Which is designed with stainless steel housing and stainless steel bearing insert, the housing is SUS304 steel material, what’s more, there is a solid base heavy duty housing for GJP’s products,for the bearing

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1 1 4 take up unit bearing uct207 2015111288466 1

1 1/4” Take Up Unit Bearing UCT207-20

GJP 1 1/4″ Take Up Unit Bearing UCT207-20 is a high-quality bearing designed to provide superior performance and reliability. It features a combination of a set screw 52100 material steel insert bearing with a slinger seal design and a cast iron take-up housing with an anti-rotation device.

One of the key features of this bearing is its set screw design, which provides a secure and reliable attachment between the bearing and the shaft. The 52100 material steel insert is also highly durable and able to withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for use in a variety of industrial applications.

The slinger seal design of the bearing helps to protect against contaminants, helping to extend the life of the bearing and ensure optimal performance over time. This seal design also ensures that the lubrication inside the bearing remains intact, further enhancing its durability and reliability.

The cast iron take-up housing is another key feature of this bearing, providing a strong and durable mounting surface for the bearing. The housing has an anti-rotation device built in, ensuring that the bearing remains securely in place even under heavy loads and high speeds.

There are two wide slots in the side surface of the housing, which provide ample clearance for easy installation and maintenance. The bolt hole at the bottom of the housing also allows for easy mounting on a variety of surfaces, making it a versatile option for many different applications.

The GJP 1 1/4″ Take Up Unit Bearing UCT207-20 is a high-quality bearing that provides superior performance and reliability. Its combination of a set screw steel insert bearing with a slinger seal design and cast iron take-up housing make it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

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1 1 8 pillow block bearing hcp206 18 for43041382041 1

1 1/8” Pillow Block Bearing HCP206-18 for Conveyors

The GJP 1 1/8″ Pillow Block Bearing HCP206-18 is a top-quality assembly designed with high-grade HT200 cast iron housing and Abec-1 grade chrome steel bearing inserts. These components are notorious for their durability and ability to withstand heavy loads, making them a popular option in many industries.

The bearing housing features an anti-rotation device that is self-aligning, ensuring that the bearings are always in the proper position. Additionally, users have the option of choosing between prelube or relube type bearings, depending on their application’s specific requirements.

This assembly is particularly well-suited for heavy-duty applications that require reliable and long-lasting bearings. The high-quality components used in the GJP 1 1/8″ Pillow Block Bearing HCP206-18 ensure that it will stand up to even the most demanding environments and applications, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a top-notch pillow block bearing.

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1 1 8 solid base pillow block bearing ucp20611423698185 1

1 1/8” Solid Base Pillow Block Bearing UCP206-18

GJP has launched a 1 1/8 inch solid base pillow block bearing UCP206-18. Made of high-quality materials, this bearing is durable and stable, and can be used to support rotating parts in sports equipment and industrial automation equipment. The UCP206-18 has a solid base design that can withstand large impacts and loads, while having excellent corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh environments.

This bearing uses the widely used 1 1/8 inch standard size, making it easy to replace and repair. It also has excellent sealing performance, effectively preventing lubricating oil and dust from entering the interior. UCP206-18 is suitable for various fields such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, logistics equipment, and can provide stable operation and long service life in any occasion. If you are looking for an affordable and efficient bearing, the GJP 1 1/8 inch solid base pillow block bearing UCP206-18 is your ideal choice.

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1 11 16 pillow block bearing hcp209 27 for51069553458 2

1 11/16” Pillow Block Bearing HCP209-27 for Farming Machinery

The GJP 1 11/16″ Pillow Block Bearing HCP209-27 is an essential component for farming machinery. This bearing comprises of one housing and one extended inner ring bearing insert, which primarily helps in the rotation of the shaft. Also, the outer housing supports the loading and assembles with the machinery by fixing the two bolts into the equipment.

In farming practices, various types of machinery are used, which require smooth and efficient functioning. The pillow block bearing play an integral role in ensuring the proper functioning of the machinery. The GJP 1 11/16″ Pillow Block Bearing HCP209-27 is specifically designed for farming machinery and is known for its reliability and durability.

The housing of the pillow block bearing is made up of sturdy materials that can withstand high loads and impacts. It is capable of providing the necessary support to the inner ring bearing, which enables it to rotate smoothly. The extended inner ring bearing insert allows the shaft to fit snugly and securely, thereby reducing the chances of any misalignments or wobbling.

The two-bolt fixing mechanism of the pillow block bearing makes it easy to assemble with the machinery. This mechanism ensures a stable and secure connection between the bearing and the equipment, reducing the chances of any slippage or dislodgement.

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1 11 16 standard duty pillow block bearing51206403913 1

1 11/16” Standard Duty Pillow Block Bearing UCP209-27

The GJP 1 11/16″ standard durable pillow block bearing UCP209-27 is an advanced mechanical component used to support rotating machinery parts such as motors, stamping machines, and extruders. Made of high-strength cast iron material, this bearing is equipped with a high-speed sliding mechanism that effectively reduces friction, improves self-lubrication performance, and greatly reduces wear and noise. Its design optimizes the difficulty of installation, adjustment, and maintenance, making it an essential component in industrial production lines.

The UCP209-27 pillow block bearing not only has advanced performance characteristics, but also has a good range of applicability and wide application fields. It can be widely used in various equipment and machines, including engineering machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, food processing machinery, steel smelting machinery, textile machinery, electronics, automobiles, ships and other fields. This bearing has excellent durability and can operate for long periods of time in extremely harsh environments such as high temperatures, strong impacts, and heavy loads. Its various specifications and models meet the different needs of users and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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cast iron housing

1 13/16” Cast Iron Housing UCP210-29

GJP 1 13/16″ Cast Iron Housing UCP210-29 with solid base housing, Which has grease fitting and Cap on 45 degree angle, and the insert bearing has a wide inner ring with two set screws for locking on the shaft, bearing insert and housing are normally assemblied with J7 tight fitting, this items are widely used.

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1 15 16 cast iron pillow block ucp210 31 peer23462390899 1

1 15/16” Cast Iron Pillow Block UCP210-31 Peer Type

A cast iron pillow block bearing is a type of bearing that is commonly used in industrial and agricultural applications. The bearing is housed within a cast iron casing that provides both stability and protection for the rotating component within. Pillow block bearings are designed to support a shaft and keep it properly aligned, allowing it to rotate freely. They are commonly used in conveyor systems, pumps, fans, and other rotating machinery. Cast iron pillow block bearings are durable and resistant to corrosion and wear, making them well suited for harsh operating environments.

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1 3 16 2 bolt pillow block bearings ucp206 1919198762276 3

1 3/16” 2 Bolt Pillow Block Bearings UCP206-19

GJP 1 3/16″ 2 Bolt Pillow Block Bearings UCP206-19 is a high-performance Pillow Block Bearings. It is made of high-quality cast iron material, the structure is strong and durable, can withstand large loads and impacts, and is suitable for various Equipment.

The main features of UCP206-19 are as follows:

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Manufactured with cast iron material for good strength and durability.
  • Precise processing technology: The inner and outer rings of the ball bearings are precisely ground and processed to ensure that the bearings rotate easily and smoothly.
  • Excellent performance characteristics: It has self-lubricating performance, no external lubrication is required, and it has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, and it is not easy to rust after long-term use.
  • Stable installation method: UCP206-19 adopts 2-hole fixing method, which is easy to install, stable and reliable.
  • Wide range of application fields: UCP206-19 is suitable for various mechanical equipment, such as conveyor belts, agricultural machinery, industrial fans and other fields.

All in all, GJP 1 3/16″ 2 Bolt Pillow Block Bearings UCP206-19 is a high-performance Pillow Block Bearings with excellent features and application advantages, which is a high-quality choice for machinery and equipment.

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