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UCECH204-12 Hanger Bearing Unit

UCECH204-12 Hanger Bearing Unit

Set Screw Locking Hanger Bearing Unit, UCECH200 Series, 3/4″ Bore, extended inner race. The hanger bearing has parallel threaded holes for pipes on the bearing seat, and is suspended by the steel pipe installed on the conveyor. It is a special bearing suitable for the suspension of the screw conveyor. Hanger bearings are a type of bearing that is used to support axles and shafts. They are typically made of metal or plastic, and are designed to withstand high levels of stress and wear. Hanger bearings are often used in industrial applications, where they are subjected to heavy loads and constant movement.

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Product Details

GJP design this UCECH204-12 same as per most of the hanger bearing unit producers like NTN, Peer, Ipitc, Ashahi etc., but we have the feature to produce specially with heavy duty type, and thick wall on the outer housing shell, this hanger bearing is speically designed with one threaded fixing bolt, which was hanged together with the according machinary, like other pillow block bearing unit, this UCECH204-12 has the bearing insert of UC204-12, which is set screw type, and mounted with one cast iron material ECH204 housing, also stainless steel SUS304 and ductile iron QT450 material are available for GJP customer’s various choice.

A hanger bearing is provided for use with a bulk feed truck or trailer having a discharge auger located in an auger trough at the lower end of the feed body. The hanger bearing includes a threaded upper end which is vertically adjustably secured to a hanger bearing support positioned above the discharge auger. A split bearing is mounted at the lower end of the hanger bearing which removably embraces the auger shaft of the discharge auger to rotatably support the discharge auger in the auger trough. An access opening is provided in the auger trough below the hanger bearing and is selectively closed by an access door so that the hanger bearing may be replaced or serviced should the occasion arise.

Hanger bearings are a neat way to support the shaft of a screw conveyor or similar equipment.

Hanger bearings are mounted directly in a separate cast iron housing with screw ports for easy hanging from the conveyor cross struts. It is recommended to fit screw devices at the joints of the cross struts to facilitate the alignment of the bearings. Hanger bearings are only suitable for free end bearings.

Application of hanger bearing on screw conveyor

In the screw conveyor, the hanger bearing plays the role of supporting and connecting two adjacent screw bodies. According to the different materials to be conveyed, the hanger bearing can be made into different structural forms. In terms of bearing types, there are rolling bearings and sliding bearings; sliding bearings are divided into bearing pads: straight pads and spherical bearing pads; in terms of materials, there are powder metallurgy, nylon, oil-impregnated felt, etc.

Why does screw conveyor need to install hanger bearing?

  1. The screw conveyor is a conveying device that uses the rotation of the helical blade to drive the material movement. When the conveying length of the screw conveyor is too long, the screw will collapse due to the material and other reasons.
  2. When it is too long, the screw shaft will be broken, and a suspender is added in the middle to prevent the overload loss of the screw due to the collapse of the screw. In this way, the hanger of the screw conveyor will become a whole due to the problem of the installation position.
  3. The hanger bearing of the screw conveyor is an important indicator of its life. Once there is a failure, it will not work normally. The hanger bearing of the screw conveyor is made of wear-resistant alloy.
  4. In order to avoid excessive friction on the wear of the hanger bearing, resulting in unnecessary loss. At the same time, the work of the spreader can also ensure the coaxiality of the screw. The resistance, noise and other conditions of the rotary conveyor are always in the best condition. Let the screw conveyor use better and have a longer service life.


Customer could choose the belowing hanger bearing units according to the detailed requirements, and we provide for our respected customers with NTN green color, SKF blue, black color, grey color painting for your demandings:

UCECH204-12 Hanger Bearing Unit

GJP Bearing Unit NO. Shaft Dia d Dimensions(mm) Bearing No. Housing No. Weight (kg)
(in) (mm) a w h j s g Bi n c
UCECH201-8 UCECH202-9 UCECH202-10 UCECH203-11 UCECH204-12 UCECH201 UCECH202 UCECH203 UCECH204 1/2 9/16 5/8 11/16 3/4 12 15 17 20 64 96 64 40 PF3/4 19 31 12.7 0 UC201-8 UC202-9 UC202-10 UC203-11 UC204-12 UC201 UC202 UC203 UC204 ECH204 0.5
UCECH205-13 UCECH205-14 UCECH205-15 UCECH205-16 UCECH205 13/16 7/8 15/16 1 25 78 103 64 40 PF3/4 19 34 14.3 0 UC205-13 UC205-14 UC205-15 UC205-16 UC205 ECH205 0.5
UCECH206-17 UCECH206-18 UCECH206-19 UCECH206-20 UCECH206 1-1/16 1-1/8 1-3/16 1-1/4 30 78 103 64 40 PF3/4 19 38.1 15.9 0 UC206-17 UC206-18 UC206-19 UC206-20 UC206 ECH206 0.5
UCECH207-20 UCECH207-21 UCECH207-22 UCECH207-23 UCECH207 1-1/4 1-5/16 1-3/8 1-7/16 35 92 116 70 40 PF3/4 19.1 42.9 17.5 0 UC207-20 UC207-21 UC207-22 UC207-23 UC207 ECH207 0.6
UCECH208-24 UCECH208-25 UCECH208 1-1/2 1-9/16 40 96 121 73 40 PF3/4 19 49.2 19 2 UC208-24 UC208-25 UC208 ECH208 0.5
UCECH209-26 UCECH209-27 UCECH209-28 UCECH209 1-5/8 1-11/16 1-3/4 45 108 136 82 48 PF3/4 21 49.2 19 5 UC209-26 UC209-27 UC209-28 UC209 ECH209 1.4
UCECH210-29 UCECH210-30 UCECH210-31 UCECH210-32 UCECH210 1-13/16 1-7/8 1-15/16 2 50 118 142 83 48 PF1 21 51.6 19 5 UC210-29 UC210-30 UC210-31 UC210-32 UC210 ECH210 1.8
UCECH211-32 UCECH211-33 UCECH211-34 UCECH211-35 UCECH211 2 2-1/16 2-1/8 2-3/16 55 126 158 95 60 PF1-1/4 25 55.6 22.2 7 UC211-32 UC211-33 UC211-34 UC211-35 UC211 ECH211 1.85
UCECH212-36 UCECH212-37 UCECH212-38 UCECH212-39 UCECH212 2-1/4 2-5/16 2-3/8 2-7/16 60 142 173 102 60 PF1-1/4 28 65.1 25.4 9 UC212-36 UC212-37 UC212-38 UC212-39 UC212 ECH212 2.87
UCECH213-40 UCECH213-41 UCECH213 2-1/2 2-9/16 65 166 200 117 70 PF1-1/2 32 65.1 25.4 9.5 UC213-40 UC213-41 UC213 ECH213 4.75
UCECH214-42 UCECH214-43 UCECH214-44 UCECH214 2-5/8 2-11/16 2-3/4 70 166 200 117 70 PF1-1/2 32 74.6 30.2 9.5 UC214-42 UC214-43 UC214-44 UC214 ECH214 4.75
UCECH215-45 UCECH215-46 UCECH215-47 UCECH215-48 UCECH215 2-13/16 2-7/8 2-15/16 3 75 166 200 117 70 PF1-1/2 32 77.8 33.2 9.5 UC215-45 UC215-46 UC215-47 UC215-48 UC215 ECH215 4.75


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What is 7+4?

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