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UCFL210-29 Flanged housing unit

UCFL210-29 Flanged housing unit

UCFL210-29 is a specific designation of a two-bolt flange bearing unit. It has a 1-13/16″ bore and is used to support shafts in a variety of industrial applications. The unit consists of a cast iron housing, a chrome steel bearing insert and two mounting bolts. Among them, the cast iron shells are all produced by our factory, with guaranteed quality and competitive price. In addition to ensuring that the bearing unit can provide high load capacity and durability under harsh operating conditions, the cost is also lower.

Product Details

UCFL210-29 Specifications:

Model: UCFL210-29
Bearing Type: Spherical Bearing
Seat model: FL210
Bearing ID: 1-13/16 inches
Bearing outer diameter: 5.59 inches
Seat Width: 2.22 inches
Disassembly method: fixed bolts on both sides

UCFL210-29 bearings are usually used in agriculture, mining, construction, food processing machinery, transportation equipment, marine equipment, automobiles, metal processing machinery, printing equipment and textile industries. They can be used in different types of bearing housings and housings, in floating bearings or in fixed positions. For example, they can be used in automatic production lines equipped with flush supply mechanisms, changeover mechanisms, circuit breaker mechanisms, motors, conveyor belts and hydraulic systems.


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What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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