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UCF205-14 4 bolt flange bearing

UCF205-14 4 bolt flange bearing

UCF205-14 is a 4 bolt flanged bearing with a bore diameter of 7/8″. It is commonly used in industrial and agricultural machinery, as well as conveyors and material handling equipment. GJP is a professional housed bearing factory, and our company produces UCF205 -14 housings are made of cast iron, while the bearing inserts are usually made of chrome steel or stainless steel. This bearing unit also includes a grease nipple for easy maintenance. We manufacture all 4 hole flange bearings of the UCF series, welcome to inquire

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Product Details

UCF205-14 4 bolt flange bearing is a square flange bearing with four bolts, usually used to support a relatively stationary shaft. It measures 7/8″ inner diameter, 3.543″ outer diameter, and 4.291″ tall. The inside of the bearing consists of a spherical ball and an inner ring, which can rotate on the flange. These bearings are commonly used in applications in agriculture, construction and mechanical engineering and have high load-carrying capacity and durability.

4 bolt advantage

Ensure stability: 4 bolts can ensure that the bearing is firmly fixed on the base, making the bearing more stable and reducing vibration and noise.

Ensures Proper Alignment: Due to the more precise positioning capabilities of the 4 bolts, it ensures proper alignment of the bearing with other equipment components to reduce wear and loss of precision.

Easier maintenance: 4 bolts are easier to remove and install, easier to maintain and replace.

Higher Load Capacity: With multi-point connection, 4 bolts can increase the load capacity of the bearing to withstand greater loads.

LONG LIFE AND DURABILITY: Due to the stability and reliability of the 4 bolts, the bearings have a longer lifespan and higher durability.

GJP company adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology in the production of 4 bolt flange bearing, which ensures its high precision and high quality, and can meet various industrial needs. And the size of the UCF series bearings produced is common to other brands. Including the aperture, the size is consistent.


UCF205-14 parameters

UCF205-14 is a UCF series square flange block using UC205-14 ball bearings.
Its parameters are as follows:

Square flange block size: 130mm x 34.1mm x 96mm

Applicable ball bearing model: UC205-14

Inner diameter size: 22.225mm

Sealing method: bimetallic dust cover

Material: cast iron

Weight: 0.8kg

For light load, low speed applications such as agriculture and light machinery.

4 bolt flange bearing

UCF series bearing characteristics

  • High load bearing capacity: UCF series bearings use steel balls and bearing seats with a large contact area, which can withstand large radial and axial loads.
  • Good corrosion resistance: The material of the bearing seat and the outer ring of the bearing is usually made of cast iron, steel and other materials, which have good corrosion resistance and are suitable for wet or corrosive environments.
  • Easy installation: UCF series bearing housing is relatively large, easy to install and maintain.
  • Good wear resistance: Bearing balls and housing materials are specially treated to have good wear resistance and can be used for a long time.
  • Long life: UCF series bearings have long service life, high reliability, and are shock and vibration resistant.
  • High precision: UCF series bearings are manufactured with sophisticated technology, which ensures high bearing geometric precision and motion precision, so as to achieve better working results.

Features of GJP brand UCF series bearings

  1. Can adapt to high-speed rotation: GJP’s UCF series bearings are designed to meet the requirements of high-speed rotation, can run stably, and reduce noise and vibration.
  2. Strong durability: GJP bearings use high-quality materials and high-tech manufacturing technology, which makes them have strong durability and can withstand harsh working environments such as high pressure, high temperature, and high humidity, and there is no problem in long-term use.
  3. Easy installation and maintenance: UCF series bearings are very simple to install and maintain, which reduces maintenance costs and downtime and improves production efficiency.
  4. Reasonable structure: UCF series bearings are compact in structure, small in size and light in weight, saving space.
  5. Strong adaptability: UCF series bearings are suitable for various mechanical equipment and can meet different environmental and working requirements, with strong adaptability.

GJP is a professional manufacturer dedicated to producing high quality 4 bolt flange bearing. Our products adopt the latest manufacturing technology and precision processing equipment, and we also strive for excellence in material selection and product design to ensure that our 4 bolt flange bearing has excellent performance and reliable durability. We provide customers with 4 bolt flange bearings of various specifications and models to meet the needs of different application scenarios. Whether it is on heavy machinery or high-speed machines, our products can provide you with stable support and protection. Our engineers and technical team are proficient in the whole production process and can provide you with professional technical support and high-quality after-sales service. Whether you need customization or bulk order, we will respond to your needs with the fastest and best service, contact us now.

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