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Mantenimiento de la unidad de rodamiento montada

(1) The use of bearing block cooling system. Under the condition of correct use of the bearing seat cooling water, not only the service life of the bearing seat is prolonged, but also the production efficiency is improved. The material of the bearing seat is generally made of special bearing seat steel through various processes. Even the best bearing seat steel also has the limits of their use, such as temperature. When the bearing seat is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to cause early cracks on the surface of the mold core, and some bearing blocks have even appeared in large areas before the number of mold cracks exceeds 2000. Even in the production of the bearing seat, the mold core has changed color because the bearing seat temperature is too high. After measurement, it even reaches more than 400 degrees. At such temperatures, it is easy to produce turtle cracks when the mold is chilled. The products are also prone to deformation, strain, mold sticking and so on. The use of cooling water in the bearing seat can greatly reduce the use of release agents, so that the operator will not use the release agent to reduce the temperature of the bearing seat. Its benefits are effectively extending the bearing seat life, saving die-casting cycles, improving product quality, reducing the occurrence of mold sticking and strain and aluminum sticking, and reducing the use of mold release agents. It can also reduce the wear of the ejector rod and the core due to the overheating of the bearing seat temperature.

(2) The bearing housing must be preheated in the process of starting production to prevent the occurrence of turtle cracks caused by the sudden encounter of hot metal liquid in the cold bearing housing. More complex bearing housings can be used torch to liquefy Gas, in good conditions, use a mold temperature machine, a relatively simple bearing seat can be preheated by slow injection.

(3) It is very troublesome to clean up the parting surface of the bearing seat. It is also easy to ignore. The operator thoroughly cleans the parting surface of the bearing seat with kerosene, which can prevent the bearing seat from being crushed. And after cleaning, the exhaust grooves blocked by the residue of mold release agent or other dirt on the bearing seat can be opened, which is conducive to the discharge of gas in the cavity during the injection process and improve the product quality.

(4) If the bearing seat is equipped with neutron control, please note that there is absolutely no connection between the signal line between the die casting machine and the bearing seat. The reason is clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, or The bandage of the joint is easy to break, which will cause short-circuit with the machine tool. If the signal is wrong, the alarm will stop automatically and the time will be delayed. In the worst case, the signal will be disordered and the bearing seat will be damaged. Cause unnecessary losses. Position switch pay attention to waterproof

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