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Four-Bolt Flanged Housed Units UCF210-30

Four-Bolt Flanged Housed Units UCF210-30

1-7/8″ bore, 4-Bolt square flange bearing housing inserted UC210-30 inch bearing, has two set screws to attach it to the shaft. UCF210-30 square flange bearing is a component that fixes and reduces the load friction coefficient in the process of mechanical transmission. It can also be said that when other parts move relative to each other on the shaft, UCF210-30 is used to reduce the friction coefficient in the process of power transmission and keep the center of the shaft fixed. UCF210-30 square flange bearings are used in grain processing equipment, feed processing equipment, drainage and irrigation machinery, soil tillage machinery, planting machinery, plant protection machinery, fertilization machinery, agricultural machinery parts, other agricultural machinery, field operation machinery, etc.

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Product Details

GJP’s UCF210-30 has a 7/8″ diameter shaft size, the outer diameter of inner ring on the spherical insert ball bearing UC210-30 has two fixed set screws to connect bearing unit to the shaft and has an inch inner hole plus a square flange bearing housing, four bolt holes on the housing, and for insert spherical extened ball bearing UC210-30, it has an spherical type outer diameter of outer race, and it’s chrome steel material with heat treatment set screw hole, through mounted this insert bearing with a cast iron material 4-hole bolt square flange bearing housing, they make up the with 4-bolt square flange bearing housing unit. The most popular 4-bolt hole square flange bearing unit is the UCF200 model. There are four bolts on the side that is perpendicular to the axis. The technique of installation is the same as for the UCP housing unit, which is frequently used in equipment machinary.


GJP BEARING online, www.bearingfamily.com offers this high-quality 1-7/8″ bore 4 bolt square flange bearing unit. We are a China square flange bearing manufacturer. GJP sells these four-hole bolt bearing housings at wholesale prices to consumers and OEMs, and you can order them online about UCF210-30 four-hole bolt flange bearing unit. The square flange bearing is a UCF 210-30 1-7/8″ hole ball bearing unit that can be used in a variety of applications. HT200 cast iron Steel is used to make the UCF210-30 4-hole bolt housing. The 1-7/8″ 4-hole square flange bearing unit is a high-quality unit that can handle your application’s requirements.

The GJP four-bolt hole square flange ball bearing unit is made up of a seated bearing that is installed in a bearing seat that can be bolted to the machine wall or frame. Devices that meet ISO standards, North American standards, or Chinese government industrial standards are included in the GJP classification. The GJP product line includes devices that meet almost all bolt style and shaft requirements,which is warmly welcome by our customers.

Bolted roller bearing units are square with four holes and can accommodate higher loads than two bolted flanges. The square flange bearing unit can be moved and aligned to better fit the long shaft. Set screw units have two set screws 120° apart in the inner ring. Eccentric locking collar assemblies provide locking for one-way applications. Features a ductile iron housing, narrow inner ring bearings and full cover metal shroud seals. Square flange bearings are used for ready-to-install surface and vertical bearings for guide shafts. They can be used in applications where there is sufficient space for housing units and provide sufficient installation security for high load applications.

How to identify the quality of square flange bearing through appearance

The key points to pay attention to in the visual inspection are as follows:

  1. Various cracks, such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks, etc., these cracks will become the source of stress concentration and expand rapidly during the operation of the bearing in the future, causing the bearing to rupture, affecting the bearing life and work. The security impact is huge.
  2. Various mechanical scars, such as abrasions, scratches, crushes, bumps, etc., will cause poor bearing installation, cause eccentric load and stress concentration, resulting in a decrease in rotation accuracy and service life.
  3. Rust, black skin and pitting, the latter two are defects that easily store moisture and dirt, and are most likely to develop into rust. Corrosion is a source of contamination that leads to poor installation, early wear and fatigue, and severe rust can make bearings scrapped.
  4. Peeling and folding, the parts of these two defects are not firmly combined with the base metal, and there are often decarburized or decarbonized phenomena around them to varying degrees. Very unfavorable.
  5. For the riveting or welding quality of the cage, mainly observe whether the rivet head is deviated, skewed, slack, lack of flesh or “double eyelid”, whether the welding position is correct, whether the welding point is too large or too small, and whether the welding is not strong or excessive welding causes the rolling element to be stuck.

Interchange for GJP UCF210-30

Asahi Brand: UCF 210-30

Browning Brand: FB 220 1-7/8

Fafnir Brand: YCJ 1-7/8

Link Belt Brand: F3 U230N

Peer Brand: UCF 210-30

Seal Master Brand: SF 30

Four-Bolt Flanged Housed Units UCF210-30


What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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