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O que é um rolamento de alta temperatura

Since the high temperature bearing seat must meet the requirements of high precision stamping bearing seat and the high temperature stamping bearing seat, when considering the fit and clearance of the high temperature bearing seat, the following two points need to be considered:

1. Dimensional change and hardness change from normal temperature to high temperature;

2. Changes in force system and shape caused by centrifugal force at high speed.

The high temperature bearing seat requires that the stamped bearing seat of the shaft and the seat hole should have higher dimensional accuracy and shape and position accuracy, especially the coaxiality and the verticality of the shoulder to the seat hole or journal. It should be noted that In considering these issues, we must pay attention to the high-speed factors and high-temperature factors during the operation of high-temperature bearing blocks.

It is required that the high temperature bearing seat has the best clearance under the working state, that is, the working clearance is formed under the state of the ball groove center of the inner ring and the outer ring being accurately aligned. At the same time, because the high-temperature bearing seat strives to reduce relative sliding and internal friction, it is best not to adjust the clearance of the high-temperature bearing seat by relatively shifting the inner and outer rings in the axial direction.

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