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Needle bearing disassembly method


The knocking force is generally applied to the inner ring of the bearing. The knocking force of the shield machine room should not be added to the rolling elements and cages of the bearing. This method is simple and easy to use, but it will easily damage the bearing. When the bearing is located at the end of the shaft, use less A copper rod or other soft metal material with an inner diameter abuts against the shaft end, a pad is added to the lower part of the bearing, and it can be removed by lightly tapping with a hand hammer. Application of this method should pay attention to the placement of the pads should be appropriate, the focus should be correct.

Hot dismantling

Used to remove tight-fit bearings. The oil can heated to about 100 ° C is poured on the bearing to be dismantled. After the bearing ring is thermally expanded, the bearing can be pulled out with a puller.

Push method

Press the bearing with a press, the work is stable and reliable, without damaging the machine and the bearing shielding machine room. Presses are manual, mechanical or hydraulic. Note: The pressing point of the press should be on the center of the shaft, and it should not be biased.

Pull out method

Special pullers are used. When disassembling, as long as the handle is rotated, the bearing will be slowly pulled out. When disassembling the outer ring of the bearing, the corners of the puller's legs should open outwards; when disassembling the inner ring of the bearing, the two feet of the puller should be inward and caught on the end face of the bearing inner ring.

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