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Mounted Bearing Unit Installation Steps

Requirements for cleaning, inspection and insulation pads

1. Bearing cleaning and inspection

Large-scale motor bearings are packed in separate boxes. After unpacking, first remove the upper and lower tiles with eyebolts and clean them with kerosene. Wipe dry with a dry cloth and check whether all grooves are clean and there is no residual sand in the casting. , The tungsten gold layer does not combine well with the tile body, troughs and other dopants exist in the trenches and cracks that are drawn.) If it cannot be repaired, re-hang tungsten gold.

2. Cleaning and inspection of bearing seat

Before the bearing seat is installed, it should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Scrape the dirt in the bearing housing cavity with a spatula, wipe the dirt with a cloth dipped in gasoline or solvent, and watch for cracks and trachoma to prevent oil leakage during operation. The joint surface of the bearing cover and the bearing seat, and the joint surface of the bearing seat and the bearing oil ring should be ground and scraped, and checked with a feeler gauge. The gap should not be greater than 0.03 mm. The surface of the bottom plate on which the bearing seat is placed should also be cleaned without bumps, rust and burrs. He must carefully check the screws that tighten the bearing seat and the thread of the seat plate, and test the screws to check whether they are too tight or buckled.

3.Bearing insulation structure

Between the bearing and the bottom plate, an insulating pad or a metal gasket must be used. The metal gasket is used to adjust the horizontal position of the seat. To adjust the relative position of the motor and another motor or machine connected to it. The metal gasket is made of a metal sheet of 0.08 ~ 3 mm. Insulation pads are made of cloth laminate or glass-fiber laminate. The purpose of placing the insulation pad is mainly to prevent the harm of the shaft current. The insulation pad should be 5-10 mm wider than each side of the bearing seat and 3-10 mm thick. In addition to placing an insulating pad between the bearing and the base plate, the screws and studs should also be insulated at the same time. The insulating washer is made of glass wire cloth with a thickness of 2 ~ 5 mm, and its outer diameter is 4 ~ 5 mm larger than the outer diameter of the iron washer. The insulating pad of the oil pipe connection plate connected to the bearing seat can be made of a rubber plate with a thickness of 1 ~ 2 mm. After installation of the insulated bearing seat, the insulation resistance to ground should be checked and measured with a 500 volt megohm meter, and its resistance value should not be less than 1 megohm.

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