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Medidas de prevención de oxidación para rodamientos con brida de acero inoxidable

Although cojinetes de brida de acero inoxidable have good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, they will also rust and corrode under certain conditions. Once the bearing is rusted, it will affect its performance, so what measures can be taken to prevent rust? Today I will introduce several commonly used anti-rust measures.

Cleaning method

  1. Surface cleaning: When cleaning, the appropriate cleaning method should be selected according to the appearance of the bearing and the current conditions. The more commonly used cleaning methods include mechanical cleaning, solvent cleaning and chemical cleaning.
  2. Dry appearance: After the bearing is cleaned, use dry compressed air to dry it, or use a relatively clean gauze to dry it.

Coating anti-rust oil method

  1. Spray method: Some bearings are relatively large in size, and the general method is not applicable. It can be sprayed with filtered compressed air with a pressure of 0.7Mpa. The spraying method is suitable for those thin-layer anti-rust oils or solvent-diluted anti-rust oils. Note that the spraying place should be clean and fire prevention work should be done well.
  2. Soaking method: The stainless steel flange bearings can be soaked in the anti-rust grease, so that the surface of the bearing is adhered to the anti-rust grease. As for the thickness of the oil film, it needs to be determined according to the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease.
  3. Brushing method: If the bearing is not suitable for soaking or spraying, you can also use the brushing method to prevent rust, but you need to pay attention to the anti-rust grease should be even when brushing, and there should be no missing coating.

The reason why stainless steel flange bearings rust and corrode is mainly due to the occurrence of corrosion conditions and incentives. Therefore, in order to prevent it from rusting, it is also necessary to keep the bearings away from corrosion conditions and causes as far as possible, such as scratches, splashes, cutting slag, etc., which are all causes of bearing rusting.

cojinetes de brida de acero inoxidable

Advantages of high temperature resistant stainless steel flange bearings:

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance: Stainless steel flange bearings are not easy to rust and have strong corrosion resistance.
  2. Washable: Stainless steel flange bearings can be washed down without having to re-lubricate to prevent rusting penalties.
  3. Can run in liquid: Due to the materials used, we can run the bearings and housings in liquid.
  4. The depletion speed is slow: if the speed and load of high-temperature stainless steel bearings are low, there is no need for lubrication.
  5. Sanitation: Stainless steel is naturally clean and does not corrode.

Installation method of high temperature stainless steel flange bearings:

Since the shaft generally rotates, the inner ring and the outer ring can adopt interference fit and clearance fit, respectively, and when the outer ring rotates, the outer ring should adopt interference fit.

(1) Press-in installation: Press-in installation generally uses a press, and bolts and nuts can also be used. If necessary, a hand hammer can be used to install.

(2) Shrink sleeve installation: heat the high-temperature-resistant stainless steel flange bearings in oil to make them expand, and then install them on the shaft. The heat sleeve method can prevent the bearing from being subjected to unnecessary external force and complete the installation work in a short time.

Factors considered in the selection of stainless steel flange bearings:

1. Use environment: Stainless steel flange bearings can prevent rust to a certain extent. However, when the bearing is in a very harsh corrosive environment, such as one with strong acid and strong alkali liquids, ordinary stainless steel bearings cannot be completely rust-proof. Bearing rust is a common cause of bearing jamming, so it is necessary to select stainless steel bearings of various materials based on the use environment.

cojinetes de brida de acero inoxidable

2. Limiting speed: Limiting speed, that is, the maximum allowable working speed of the bearing.

If this limit is exceeded, the operating temperature of the stainless steel flange bearings will continue to rise, and the lubricant will dry up, resulting in the bearing becoming stuck. Therefore, the limiting speed of the selected bearing should be 10% higher than the predetermined maximum working speed of the bearing.

3. Operating temperature: Stainless steel flange bearings used in high-temperature environments need special treatment. Typically, we will ask customers about the operating temperature and temperature limit in advance to avoid bearing jamming or affecting production due to the bearing’s high operating temperature.

4. Working load: When considering the load factor, it should be noted that the life of the stainless steel bearing is more sensitive to the load than to the speed. Properly adjust the distance between the point of action of the external load and the fulcrum of the bearing, try to reduce the load on the main shaft bearing, and strive to stabilize the load transmitted to the main shaft bearing, avoiding shock and vibration.

Since its establishment, Xiamen Smark Bearing has been focusing on the R&D and production of pillow block bearings. Smark, as an exporter of bearing housing flange bearings, helps customers install and debug bearings, make bearings run more standardizedly, prolong bearing service life, and provide customers with training services to allow customers to use bearings more reasonably. Our main products include Cojinete de brida de 3 pernos, square flange bearing, 2 bolt flange bearing and so on. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best service. At the same time, we also hope to establish a long-term cooperative and win-win relationship with you.

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