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Síntomas y tratamiento de los fallos más comunes de los rodamientos con brida triangular

Los rodamientos de brida triangular son los componentes básicos de la máquina, ampliamente utilizados en diversas industrias en los productos mecánicos, conocidos como las "juntas" de la máquina. Cuando el uso de rodamientos, su rendimiento, precisión, vida, fiabilidad y otros productos están estrechamente relacionados con los rodamientos, en algunos productos de alta tecnología, los rodamientos han sido considerados como los componentes básicos. La fortaleza de la industria de rodamientos de un país se ha convertido en un aspecto importante de la fortaleza nacional.

cojinete de brida triangular

Common Triangle Flange Bearing Failures:

  • Reasons for lubrication
  1. Bearing lubricant injected too much, beyond the bearing cavity space of two-thirds, due to the lubricant heat transfer efficiency is not high, resulting in poor heat distribution bearing.
  2. Triangle flange bearing oil shortage. Oil supply is too little oil supply is often interrupted resulting in dry friction heat, not dealt with in time will make the bearing burn out.
  3. Oil deterioration. Failure to change the oil on time, oil emulsification or poor sealing into the dust are leading to oil deterioration.
  4. The use of oil is not the right grade, not the same oil mixed with each other.
  • Mechanical vibration
  1. Poor concentricity of the coupling caused by vibration.
  2. The flywheel impeller and other rotating components are poorly balanced or poorly mounted causing vibration or load disproportion.
  3. Vibration caused by too little rigidity of triangle flange bearing base.
  4. Vibration caused by loose bolts.
  • Reason for assembly
  1. The inner ring of the bearing with the unloading sleeve expands too tightly so that its radial clearance is too small, the rolling body and the inner and outer ring to form too large a contact stress.
  2. Bearing outer ring pressure too tight to make the deformation caused by friction is too large.
  3. Bearing installation skew.
  4. Triangle flange bearing parts around each other friction heat or even smoke. Such as the shaft and bearing box through the cover friction, thrust plate and tile friction, activity labyrinth and fixed labyrinth friction each other.
  5. Swimming end bearing end face and end cover end face leave thermal expansion gap caused by axial stress heat.
  6. The triangle belt assembly is too tight. Bearing directional load is too heavy, part of the rolling body and inner and outer ring contact stress, inner and outer ring easy to degenerate and raceway easy to partially wear.
  7. Thrust bearings (usually used in pairs) outer ring and rolling body does not leave a gap between the tampering but tightly pressed on the rolling body resulting in excessive contact stress.
  • Environmental element

Too little or frequent interruptions of system cooling water, cramped and airless interior spaces, and hot, hot summers.

  • Operating reason

Increase the load due to one-sided pursuit of production. Overloading using triangle flange bearings.

  • Bearing failure

Bearing inner and outer rings to form cracks, keep frame wear too much clearance beyond the limit wear degree, rolling body playing across the formation of more serious defects.

cojinete de brida triangular


  • Reasons for lubrication
  1. Clean up the oil change when the bearing space grease filling, bearing cavity to add one-third, if the usual oil replenishment, bearing cavity to add its one-third to two-thirds is the most appropriate.
  2. Replenish the oil on time, regularly check the integrity of the drenching equipment, such as oil station lubrication should be cleaned on time or replace the wave core to prevent blockage.
  3. The oil should be changed on time, the oil should be stored properly, and the triangle flange bearings of the operating equipment should be sealed properly.
  4. Reasonable viscosity is the first element in selecting a lubricant. Too low a viscosity can lead to the existence of boundary lubrication or localized boundary lubrication. Therefore, it is important to use a reasonable oil.
  • Mechanical vibration
  1. Vibration subjects the bearings to abnormal additional loads and excessive stresses occur that heat the bearings. The coupling should be strictly squared.
  2. Dynamic balance test should be done, and the load of each triangle flange bearing should be made uniform by strict alignment or adjustment during installation.
  3. Strengthen and increase the rigidity.
  4. Tighten according to the specified torque.
  • Reason for assembly
  1. Measure the clearance while advancing forward during installation to ensure that the radial clearance of the bearing meets the technical requirements.
  2. The outer ring of the bearing should not be pressed too tightly under normal circumstances, because the rolling moment of the rolling body is less than the distance between the sliding force of the outer ring of the bearing.
  3. Triangle flange bearing alignment.
  4. Re-adjustment to retain the appropriate clearance.
  5. Should be added to adjust the pad to retain the clearance, to ensure that the shaft in the thermal expansion can promote the axial movement of the bearing.
  6. Tension should be moderate to reduce directional stress and friction torque, and increase the service life of bearings.
  7. Add adjusting pads to adjust and reserve a small gap between the two sides of the transmission according to technical requirements.
  • Environmental element

Make sure the cooling water is smooth, increase the ventilation and heat dissipation capacity, and clean the bearings and change the oil on time before the high temperature in summer.

  • Operating reason

Production must be reduced to the normal rated load.

  • Bearing failure

The triangle flange bearing was scrapped and had to be replaced.

cojinete de brida triangular

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