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What is UCF210 bearings?


UCF series bearings are a type of spherical bearing unit, which are usually used for bearing support and positioning in mechanical equipment. UCF stands for “Unit with a Four-Bolt Flange”, which means a unit with four bolt flanges. This means that UCF series bearings typically consist of a flange-mounted unit with four bolt holes that can be easily mounted on a machine structure to support the rotating axis and ensure axis alignment.
UCF210 bearing is a type of spherical bearing unit. It is a self-centering bearing consisting of an inner ring, an outer ring, rolling elements (usually balls) and a cage. This article will talk about the detailed information of UCF210 bearing in detail.

What are UCF210 bearings?

UCF210 is a model of bearing unit, representing a spherical bearing unit, which includes a flange seat unit with four bolt holes and a spherical bearing installed in it. The naming of UCF210 can be decomposed as follows:

– “UC”: This means Unit with a Four-Bolt Flange.
– “F”: represents the bolt flange unit (Four-Bolt Flange).
– “210”: is the identification number of this specific model and is used to distinguish the different sizes and specifications of the bearing units.

Therefore, the UCF210 is a spherical bearing unit with a flange seat with four bolt holes to support the rotating axis and ensure axis alignment. UCF210 bearing units are used by machinery and equipment manufacturers in a variety of applications, such as agricultural machinery, food processing equipment, manufacturing, construction equipment, and more. Different models of UCF bearing units may come in different sizes and specifications to suit different application requirements.

The function of UCF210 bearing

The role of UCF210 bearings is to provide solid support and positioning in mechanical equipment to support the rotating shaft and ensure axis alignment. The following are the main functions of the UCF210 bearing:

  • Supporting the rotating shaft: The UCF210 bearing is usually fixed to the mechanical equipment through its flange seat unit with four bolt holes, which then accommodates the rotating shaft inside the bearing. It provides a reliable support structure to allow the rotating shaft to rotate freely within the equipment.
  • Ensure axis alignment: Because UCF210 bearings are self-centering, they can tolerate minor axis deviations within a certain range, which helps ensure that the axis remains aligned during rotation. This is very important to prevent unnecessary friction and wear.
  • Transfer load: UCF210 bearings can withstand loads from the rotating shaft, including radial loads and axial loads. They transfer these loads through the rolling elements between the inner and outer rings, ensuring the stable operation of the mechanical equipment.
  • Simplified installation: Since UCF210 bearings typically have a four-bolt hole flange seat unit, they are relatively easy to install on mechanical structures. This simplifies the device assembly process.
  • Improve equipment performance: The use of UCF210 bearings can improve the performance of mechanical equipment, reduce friction and wear, extend the service life of the equipment, and increase production efficiency.

Relevant types of UCF210 bearings

  1. UCF210D1: Has a standard UC type inner ring and is suitable for most general applications.
  2. UCF210-30: With a 30mm inner diameter, suitable for applications requiring a larger shaft diameter.
  3. UCF210-32: With 32mm inner diameter, also suitable for applications requiring a larger shaft diameter.
  4. UCFL210: This is the sister model of UCF210 and represents a spherical bearing unit with a tapered seat unit for use in certain applications where an adjustable seat unit is required.
  5. UCP210: This is a spherical bearing unit without bolted flange seats, suitable for applications that do not require flange seats.
  6. UCFC210: This is a spherical bearing unit with a conical seat unit and a bolted flange seat. It has a specific seat unit structure and is suitable for some applications that require special installation.

Choosing the correct UCF210 bearing model depends on the specific application requirements, including load, shaft diameter, installation method, etc.

UCF210 bearings’ special properties and applications

High load-bearing capacity: UCF210 bearings are able to withstand large radial and axial loads, making them suitable for various heavy-duty mechanical equipment.
Corrosion Resistance: Many UCF210 bearings are made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials, so they have a long service life in wet or corrosive environments.
Simple installation: UCF210 bearings usually come with bolt flange seats, making them easy to install and secure on mechanical equipment.
Multi-Purpose Applications: They are widely used in various applications such as agricultural machinery, food processing equipment, conveyor belt systems, water pumps, fans, electric motors, etc., meeting the needs of different industries.

In general, UCF210 bearings have various types and applicability and can be selected according to the requirements of specific applications. They are one of the indispensable key components in many mechanical equipment.

UCF210 bearing parts

  1. Inner ring (UC type): The inner ring is the internal annular part of the UCF210 bearing and is made of durable metal material, such as steel or stainless steel. The primary function of the inner ring is to provide axial support, allowing the shaft to rotate freely within the bearing.
  2. Outer Ring: The outer ring is the outer annular part of the UCF210 bearing, also made of solid metal material. The function of the outer ring is to provide axial support while protecting the bearing’s internal components from the external environment and contaminants.
  3. Rolling elements: Rolling elements are circular or cylindrical parts located between the inner and outer rings and are made of steel. They are distributed between the inner and outer rings of the bearing and reduce friction by rolling, allowing the bearing to rotate smoothly.
  4. Cage: The cage is a structure used to maintain the rolling elements in the correct position. It can be an annular metal or plastic component with grooves or spherical spacing to ensure even distribution between rolling elements, thereby reducing friction and wear.
  5. Seals: Some UCF210 bearings are also equipped with seals, which are made of rubber or metal and are used to prevent dust, dirt and liquid from entering the inside of the bearing. This helps increase bearing life and performance.

The construction and components of UCF210 bearings work together to support and rotate the shaft while reducing friction and wear, ensuring bearing reliability and performance. Each component plays an important role, and together they enable the bearing to operate efficiently in a variety of applications.

UCF210 bearing dimensions and specifications

The dimensional specifications of UCF210 bearings are one of the key factors in selecting and installing the bearings. The following are the dimensions of UCF210 bearings:

  • Inner diameter (d): The inner diameter of UCF210 bearing refers to the diameter of the bearing inner ring, expressed in millimeters (mm). The size of the inner diameter determines the diameter of the shaft that the bearing will fit.
  • Outer diameter (D): The outer diameter refers to the diameter of the outer ring of the bearing, expressed in millimeters (mm). The size of the outer diameter determines the dimensions of the outside of the bearing and therefore needs to be considered when selecting the mounting location.
  • Width (B): Width refers to the thickness or height of the bearing, also measured in millimeters (mm). The width dimension affects the overall thickness of the bearing and also needs to be considered during installation.
  • Threaded hole size: UCF210 bearings are installed on the base, and there will be threaded holes on the base for fixing the bearings. The size and type of threaded hole (e.g. imperial or metric threads) needs to match the bearing’s seat.

Correctly matching the inner and outer diameter dimensions of the bearing is closely related to the size of the shaft to be installed to ensure that the bearing can be securely mounted on the shaft and rotate smoothly. In addition, the size of the threaded holes in the base must also match the specifications of the bearing to ensure that the bearing can be securely fixed in the desired position.

When selecting a UCF210 bearing, be sure to carefully consider these dimensional specifications to ensure the bearing is matched to your specific application and installation needs. If the dimensions do not match, the bearing may not work properly or its safety performance may be reduced. Correct sizing is therefore critical to bearing performance and life.

Installation and maintenance of UCF210 bearings

  1. Preparation: Before installing the UCF210 bearing, make sure the surfaces of the shaft and base are clean and free of impurities or dirt. Check the bearing and seat dimensional specifications to make sure they match.
  2. Lubrication: Before installing the UCF210 bearing into the base, appropriate grease should be added between the inner and outer rings of the bearing. Use high-quality grease to ensure the bearings can rotate smoothly during operation and provide good lubrication protection.
  3. Bearing Installation: Gently slide the lubricated UCF210 bearing into the hole in the base, ensuring the bearing is installed in place. During installation, avoid excessive impact or force to prevent bearing damage.
  4. Fastening bolts: Use appropriate bolts to securely connect the base and UCF210 bearing together. Select the appropriate bolts based on the size of the threaded holes in the base and make sure they are tightened evenly to avoid uneven pressure.
  5. Shaft Alignment: Make sure the shaft is aligned with the hole in the base to ensure the bearing is able to rotate freely without obstruction.

Advice on maintaining UCF210 bearings:

  • Regular Lubrication: Bearing life and performance are closely related to lubrication. Regularly check the lubrication of the bearings and add grease as needed. Be sure to use the appropriate type and amount of grease.
  • Clean bearings: Avoid exposing bearings to debris and dirt to prevent damage. Clean the bearings and surrounding area regularly to make sure the bearings stay clean.
  • Monitor Temperature and Vibration: Monitor bearing temperature and vibration levels regularly. Abnormally high temperatures or vibrations may be indicators of bearing problems that require prompt inspection and repair.
  • Replace worn parts: If you find that the parts on the bearing or base are obviously worn or damaged, replace them in time to ensure the normal operation of the bearing.
  • Follow manufacturer recommendations: Always follow the bearing manufacturer’s installation and maintenance recommendations. Manufacturers typically provide detailed operating manuals that contain installation and maintenance instructions for specific bearing models.

Proper installation and maintenance can extend the life of UCF210 bearings, ensure stable performance, and reduce possible risks of failure. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance are important steps to keep bearings running in good condition.

Applications of UCF210 Bearings

  1. Agricultural machinery: UCF210 bearings are often used in the transmission systems of agricultural machinery, such as tractors, cultivators and harvesters. They withstand the harsh environment of soil, dust, and moisture.
  2. Manufacturing: In factories and manufacturing industries, UCF210 bearings are used in mechanical transmissions, conveyor belts, and production line equipment. They provide reliable support under high-speed operation and heavy-duty conditions.
  3. Construction Industry: Construction equipment, such as concrete mixers and cranes, are subject to significant vibration and shock. UCF210 bearings play a critical role in the rotating parts of these equipment.
  4. Food Processing: Food processing equipment, including mixers, conveyor belts and packaging machines, require hygiene and durability. UCF210 bearings are commonly used to support the rotating components of these equipment.
  5. Mining and Quarrying: In mining and quarrying processes, UCF210 bearings are used in crushers, screens and conveyor belts to handle raw materials and ore.
  6. Water Treatment: Wastewater treatment plants use UCF210 bearings to support mixing equipment, pumps and rotating filters to ensure efficient water treatment processes.

UCF210 bearings play a critical support role in various industries. They are able to withstand high load, high speed and work under different environmental conditions, ensuring the reliability and stability of related equipment. The durability, contamination resistance and low maintenance requirements of these bearings make them ideal for many critical industries.

In the manufacturing industry, UCF210 bearings help improve production efficiency and reduce downtime, thereby reducing production costs. In agriculture and construction, they are able to support heavy machinery and equipment, ensuring long-term use in harsh conditions.

In summary, UCF210 bearings play an indispensable role in a variety of applications, helping smooth operations in various industries by providing stable rotational support.

UCF210 bearing selection guide

Choosing the correct UCF210 bearing is critical to equipment performance and life. Wrong choices can lead to early failures, equipment downtime and high maintenance costs. Properly selected bearings can increase equipment reliability, reduce operating costs, and ensure that equipment operates efficiently over its expected life.

  • Load Requirements: Start by determining the required load handling capability in your application. UCF210 bearings are available in different models and series, and each model has different load capacities. Make sure the bearings selected can handle the maximum load in the application.
  • Work environment: Consider the application’s work environment, including factors such as temperature, humidity, chemical exposure, and more. Select bearings with corrosion-resistant or sealed designs to meet the requirements of special environments.
  • Speed Requirements: Consider the rotational speed of the bearing in the application. Different models of UCF210 bearings have different rated rotational speeds. Make sure the selected bearings can meet the speed requirements of your application.
  • Installation and maintenance: Consider the installation and maintenance requirements of the bearing. Certain bearings may require more frequent lubrication or more complicated installation procedures. Choose the right bearing type for your equipment and maintenance procedures.
  • Budget: Budget is also a key factor when choosing bearings. Different types and brands of bearings have different prices. Be sure to find a balance between quality and performance to fit your budget.

Therefore, when choosing UCF210 bearings, it is important to carefully consider the specific requirements of the application and make an informed decision based on factors such as load, operating environment, speed, installation and maintenance. If in doubt, it is recommended to consult a professional bearing supplier or engineer for customized recommendations.

GJP Manufacturers

GJP is a professional UCF210 bearing manufacturer located in xiamen, China. Founded in 2005, the company has been committed to the manufacturing and research and development of high-quality bearings for many years and has become one of the leaders in this field. The advantages of GJP bearings:

  • Professional manufacturing technology: GJP bearing factory has advanced production equipment and a highly skilled technical team. The most advanced CNC machining technology and precision measuring instruments are used to ensure that each UCF210 bearing is of excellent quality and precision.
  • Diversified product line: GJP provides UCF210 bearings in various models and sizes to meet the needs of different applications. Whether in industrial automation, agricultural machinery, construction engineering or other fields, they are able to provide suitable bearing solutions.
  • High-quality raw materials: GJP uses high-quality materials, such as chrome steel and stainless steel, to manufacture its UCF210 bearings. These materials have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and can operate stably for long periods of time in various harsh working environments.
  • Quality Control and Certification: GJP strictly implements ISO quality management system to ensure that each UCF210 bearing meets international standards. Their products undergo stringent quality control and testing to ensure reliable performance and durability.
  • Customer customization service: GJP Bearing Factory not only provides standard models of UCF210 bearings, but also can customize production according to customers’ specific needs. Whether it’s special sizes, material requirements or packaging methods, they are able to meet their customers’ requirements.
  • International market: The products of GJP Bearing Factory have been exported to many countries and regions around the world, and have won wide recognition in the international market. They have won their customers’ trust and cooperation with high quality, reliability and competitive prices.

In short, GJP is a UCF210 bearing production factory with advanced manufacturing processes and professional teams. They are committed to providing high-quality bearing products to meet the needs of various industries and have become a reliable supplier in the bearing field.

UCF210 bearing
UCF210 bearing


In this article, we provide a comprehensive introduction to UCF210 bearings, including their type, construction, dimensional specifications, installation and maintenance, application examples, selection guide, and GJP brand bearing supply. UCF210 bearing is a bearing widely used in industrial and mechanical fields. GJP Company has a variety of models and sizes to meet the needs of different applications.
In the future, with the continuous improvement of the level of industrial automation and mechanization, UCF210 bearings will continue to play an important role, and more customized needs may arise to meet the special needs of different industries.
Overall, UCF210 bearings are one of the indispensable components in modern industrial and mechanical fields, and their performance and reliability are crucial to the success of various applications. With proper selection, installation and maintenance, UCF210 bearings will continue to contribute to the development and advancement of various industries.

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