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What Is Split Spherical Roller Bearing for Construction Machines?

Split spherical roller bearings, or SSRBs, are mechanical products with a distinctive design that are widely desired by construction equipment makers. These bearings have a modular design and are simple for two persons to install and remove. By cutting maintenance and repair downtime by up to 90%, they boost production and profitability.

Features of Split Spherical Roller Bearing

The Split Spherical Roller Bearing’s two-part structure, which consists of an inner ring with a single row of rollers and one or two outer rings with a spherical profile, is its most distinguishing characteristic. To make it simple to insert and remove the rollers without harming the component’s surrounding elements, the outer rings are split at a specific angle. In comparison to traditional bearings, the design has a variety of advantages, including less downtime, cheaper maintenance, and simpler maintenance.

Advantages of Split Spherical Roller Bearing

The Split Spherical Roller Bearing’s split design, which makes installation and maintenance simple, is its most major benefit. Additionally, these bearings are simple to retrofit into current bearing housings, thereby lowering the cost of adapting current machinery for new uses. They also survive contamination, require less maintenance, and can handle shock, vibration, and severe loads.

Applications of Split Spherical Roller Bearing

Split spherical roller bearings are frequently used in equipment including crushers, conveyor belts, and bucket wheel excavators. They don’t need to be replaced or repaired very often since they are made to handle persistent loads, extreme temperatures, and shock. They are also appropriate for applications that call for little space and weight, which a standard bearing would not be.

What Information About Split Spherical Roller Bearing for Construction Machines Do Procurement Professionals Need to Know?

When conducting their investigation, procurement specialists that are interested in buying split spherical roller bearings should check for certain details. They will want information on the bearing’s technical specs, performance traits, and compatibility with their particular equipment, among other things. They might also want to learn more about the manufacturer and supplier, particularly about their background, certifications for their quality control systems, and dedication to providing excellent customer service. It’s also critical to comprehend the supplier’s delivery schedule, warranty details, and price structure.


An new device that offers the construction sector several benefits is a split spherical roller bearing for machinery. The two-part construction makes installation and repair simple, reducing maintenance downtime and increasing productivity and, ultimately, profitability. Because the bearings are suitable for a variety of construction-related applications, it is crucial for procurement experts to have a solid grasp of these items in order to make wise purchase decisions.

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