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What is a Cam Follower Bearing and What Makes it Unique?

Cam follower bearings are an essential component of various industrial equipment and machinery. At their core, they are a type of rolling-element bearing that can transform rotational motion into linear motion. In this article, we will explore what makes cam follower bearings unique and the different types and applications of this versatile product.

Definition of a Cam Follower Bearing

A cam follower bearing is designed to follow or track a mechanical cam, which is a rotating component that allows a displacement to occur in the follower bearing. They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery to facilitate rotary motions for various mechanisms.

Features and Advantages of a Cam Follower Bearing

Cam follower bearings have several features that make them uniquely suitable for their specific applications. Firstly, they have a very low profile, making them ideal for applications where space is limited. Secondly, they are incredibly durable, and their bearings can withstand a significant amount of load, resulting in a long lifespan. Lastly, some models come with lubrication holes and grease fittings, which eliminate the need for manual lubrication, improving the bearing’s performance and lifespan.

Applications of Cam Follower Bearings

Cam follower bearings can be found in a wide variety of applications across various industries. One of the most common types is the stud-type cam follower bearing, which is used in applications such as machinery, printing presses, conveyor systems, and automated robots. Another type of cam follower bearing is the yoke-type cam follower bearing, which is mainly used in automotive applications, such as engine valve train, suspension systems, and steering mechanisms.

Types of Cam Follower Bearings

There are various types of cam follower bearings, each with unique features that make it suitable for specific applications. These types include stud-type cam follower bearings, yoke-type cam follower bearings, crowned roller followers, and cylindrical roller followers. Each type has different features, and they are used in different applications.


Cam follower bearings are an integral part of different industrial machinery and equipment, and their unique features and durability make them a favorite among engineers and designers. The variety of types and the ability to customize specific designs to meet specific requirements makes these bearings a go-to product for many applications. By understanding the definition, advantages, and applications of cam follower bearings, you can make informed decisions on the type of bearings to use in any given application.

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