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What is a 4 Bolt Flange Bearing?

bolt flange bearing may be the ideal choice if you’re looking for dependable and long-lasting bearing solution. These bearings are made to withstand large loads and offer superior rotating shaft support.

A 4 Bolt Flange Bearing: What Is It?

A bearing type that is intended to be positioned on a flat surface is a 4 bolt flange bearing. A housing, a bearing insert, and four bolts are all that make up this component. The bearing insert is used to sustain a spinning shaft and is often constructed of chrome steel or stainless steel. The housing is intended to support and safeguard the bearing insert and is often composed of cast iron or pressed steel.

Features of 4 Bolt Flange Bearings

– Strong design: Four bolt flange bearings are made to withstand severe loads and offer superior support for spinning shafts. – Simple installation: These bearings may be put on a level surface using four bolts, and they are simple to install. – Corrosion-resistant: The bearing insert is normally constructed of stainless steel or chrome steel, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. 4 bolt flange bearings are self-aligning by design, which enables them to correct for little misalignments between the shaft and the housing. – Lubrication: These bearings may be greased, which helps to cut down on wear and friction.

Benefits of 4 Bolt Flange Bearings

– Robustness: 4 bolt flange bearings are made to withstand severe use and are hence perfect for such applications. – Simple maintenance: It is simple to grease and examine these bearings without removing them from the housing. – Versatility: 4 bolt flange bearings are offered in an extensive selection of sizes and configurations, making them appropriate for a wide range of applications. – Economical: These bearings are economical and provide excellent performance and dependability for the price.

Applications of 4 Bolt Flange Bearings

Several applications call for the usage of bolt flange bearings, including: – Belt conveyors – Farming implements – Mining machinery – Appliances for processing food – Equipment for material handling – HVAC units – Compressors and pumps – Commercial blowers and fans

The Best 4 Bolt Flange Bearing Selection
There are a number of things to take into account when selecting a 4 bolt flange bearing, including:
– Capacity for load: The bearing must be able to support the weight that will be placed on it. – Shaft size: The bearing insert should match the shaft that it will be supporting in terms of size. – Operating temperature: The bearing must be able to function within the application’s temperature range. – Corrosion resistance: The bearing insert should be constructed of a rust- and corrosion-resistant material. – Lubrication: A bearing that can be greased can aid to lessen wear and friction.

Installing a 4 Bolt Flange Bearing

A 4 bolt flange bearing installation is a very easy procedure. The steps are as follows:
1. Make sure the mounting area is clean, level, and clear of any obstructions. 2. Place the bearing within the housing, then tighten the four bolts. 3. After lining up the shaft and bearing, tighten the set screws to keep everything in position. 4. Lubricate the bearing as directed by the manufacturer.
Upkeep of a Four Bolt Flange Bearing
It’s crucial to undertake routine maintenance if you want your 4 bolt flange bearing to keep performing at its best. Here are a few advices:

– Lubricate the bearing as directed by the manufacturer. – Look for wear or damage in the bearing. – If the bearing is worn out or broken, replace it. – Clean the bearing and housing to get rid of any impurities or dirt.


4 bolt flange bearings are a dependable and robust bearing option that can carry large loads and rotated shafts with ease. They are affordable, simple to maintain, and simple to install. It’s crucial to take into account aspects like load capacity, shaft size, operating temperature, corrosion resistance, and lubrication when selecting a 4 bolt flange bearing. Your 4 bolt flange bearing will continue to function at its best for years to come if the right installation and maintenance methods are followed.

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