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Understand the Basics of Flange Bearings and How They Work

Understanding the Basics of Flange Bearings and How They Work

Flange bearings are a type of bearing that are typically used to reduce friction and provide support for rotating structures, such as shafts, wheels, and discs. They can also be used to reduce vibrations and shock loads. In terms of bearing type, flange bearings fall under the umbrella of radial bearings, meaning that they are subject to radial loads. This article will discuss the basic principles of flange bearing operation, features, and advantages.

Principle of Flange Bearing Operation

Flange bearings work by providing a “floating” mounting surface for the inner and outer race rings of a bearing to sit. The inner race of the bearing contains the rolling elements such as the ball bearings or roller bearings. Between the inner and outer races of the bearing runs an axial/radial force which causes the inner race to rotate on the mounting surface.

The flange of the bearing is designed in such a way that it provides two mounting surfaces and ensures that the inner and outer races remain in contact with one another, allowing for a smooth and consistent rotation.

Features and Benefits of Flange Bearings

Flange bearings offer several distinct advantages over other bearing types, including:

  • Rigidity: Flange bearings are very rigid, meaning that they can accommodate more thrust loading and higher torque applications than other bearings.
  • Durability: Flange bearings are made from high quality materials that make them highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • High Load Capacity: Flange bearings are designed to be extremely strong and can support heavier loads than standard bearings.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is relatively easy and can be done with relatively simple tools.


Flange bearings are an essential component in many applications, and they have several distinct advantages over other bearings. They provide a strong and durable mounting surface that is resistant to wear and tear, and can accommodate higher loads. Furthermore, they are easy to install, making them a great choice for many applications.

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