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The importance of safety production rules in bearing production

Safety production has always been the main emphasis in industrial enterprises, because no matter what process is carried out in the factory, it is more dangerous. In the bearing production, it is impossible to make comparisons without a good production rule. Good products are still the same in bearing production. During the assembly operation of rolling bearings, safe production is very important. In particular, the staff operating the press must operate in accordance with the safe operating procedures to ensure personal safety and equipment integrity. The pressure machinery in the bearing assembly, especially the eccentric press, has a fast rotation speed, and the punch slider needs to pass the bottom dead point to reset, which is very dangerous. Among the accidents that occur in the bearing assembly room, the accident rate of the press is high, which should be paid enough attention. There is often kerosene or gasoline in the bearing assembly, and fire and flame prevention must be vigilant at all times.

Civilized production is also a very important content of factory management, which reflects the management level of a modern enterprise. It directly affects the quality of the factory product. Affects the operation and operation of machinery and equipment, the accuracy and life of work clamps, measuring tools, and the performance of workers' operating skills. Especially for collective work occasions such as the bearing assembly process, people operate under the conditions of semi-manual, semi-mechanical, half-brain, half-physical, civilized production is very important.

When we produce bearings, we must pay attention to the above-mentioned civilized production and safe production, which we must pay attention to.

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