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What is a mounted bearing?

1. Know the bearing with seat

A mounted bearing is a type of mounted bearing used to support rotating shafts and couplings in power transmission systems. It consists of a housing (mounting block) and a generally self-aligning insert bearing.

The housings are perpendicular to the shaft and have bolt holes to enable the user to secure the pillow block bearings in place. Additionally, this type of mounted bearing is sealed and shielded to create a clean, enclosed environment.

2. Application of seated bearings

Mounted bearings are versatile and are used in a variety of applications including rolling mills, ventilation systems, paper machines, conveyor belt pulleys and long shafts connecting electric motors and industrial gearboxes.

It is important to note that pillow block bearings are similar but not identical to plummer block housings. They differ in application. Plummer housings are suitable for applications that need to transmit high power and handle heavy loads. On the other hand, mounted bearings are usually used for light duty applications.

Pillow block bearings with a set screw locking system use screws to secure the inner ring to the shaft. This type of shaft locking mechanism is easy to use and does not require a collar. In addition, they are also suitable for reverse applications.


3. Features of seated bearings

01 Self-aligning function

The outer diameter of the bearing and the inner diameter of the bearing seat are spherically matched, and there is an automatic centering function between the two, which can compensate for the misalignment of the axes and the deformation of the installation bottom surface caused by installation errors.

02 Large load capacity

Since the internal structure of the mounted bearing is the same as that of 6200 and 6300 series deep groove ball bearings, the mounted ball bearing can not only bear radial load, but also can bear a certain axial load, and the bearing has low noise in operation.

03Long service life

Mounted bearings are usually used in harsh working environments such as mud, dust, humidity and high temperature, and the grease inside the bearing will deteriorate in a short period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to re-grease the bearing with housing at an appropriate time interval, and replace the deteriorating grease with fresh grease, and the bearing with housing is equipped with a grease nipple, which can be re-lubricated to ensure that it is safe under any working environment. With perfect performance and long service life.

04Excellent sealing performance

Both sides of the outer spherical ball bearing with seat are sealed with heat-resistant, oil-proof rubber seal ring and steel plate dust cover. The dust cover is assembled on the outer diameter of the inner ring of the bearing and rotates with the inner ring, which can effectively prevent foreign matter from entering the bearing and protect the bearing against external pressure. This combined seal composed of a sealing ring and a dust cover can prevent Dirt, dust, and water enter the bearing, and at the same time prevent the grease inside the bearing from leaking out. Make the bearing maintain perfect working performance even in harsh working environment.

05Stronger structure

The bearing with seat belongs to the integral seat structure, with excellent rigidity, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the bearing during assembly, and the bearing seat is durable under any working conditions. Usually, the bearing housing is cast from materials such as gray cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel, which makes its structure very strong.

06Easy to install

The bearing with seat can be easily locked on the shaft. There are four ways to lock the bearing. The common method is to lock the two setscrews on the extension end of the inner ring. You can also use an adapter sleeve, a locking sleeve or The eccentric sleeve is locked, and these four methods can easily lock the bearing on the shaft.

07 unique in design

The bearing with seat has a unique design to prevent the outer ring from rotating, and a unique stop pin (ball) is installed on the outer ring of the bearing. The stop pin allows the bearing to self-align and prevents the outer ring from rotating, so that the service life of the bearing is longer.

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