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The Main Purpose of Bolt Ball Bearing Units

Bolt ball bearing units, under normal circumstances, have a large bearing capacity and can be applied to various support structures with limited installation sizes. Before the bearing is installed, an appropriate amount of grease is generally injected. Therefore, under normal circumstances, after the product installation is complete, the user does not need to enter the lubricating oil alone. The product’s cover is closed, which has the advantage of being able to seal but can slip in a small axial environment. This product has a relatively long service life and is highly praised by many users.

The ball bearing units, which are similar to the bearings, can also withstand higher loads and load pressures caused by external impacts. However, the structure of this product is more compact and diverse, and the rotation accuracy in the middle of the running process is also relatively high. There are more varieties on the market, and it is easier to install. In the middle of the production process of modern enterprises, it is widely used in various industries, such as machine tools, metallurgy, and others.

The surface of the outer ring of the bolt ball bearing units rolls on the guide rail surface, and the surface of the outer ring needs to be hard and wear-resistant; in order to be able to withstand impact loads, the outer ring is thicker than ordinary bearings. Bolt roller bearings can be divided into two types based on the style of the outer ring: V-groove bearings and outer spherical bearings. During the use of bolt roller bearings, some problems will be caused by improper driving, so how can the service life of bolt roller bearings be extended?

This requires us to enter an appropriate amount of lubricating oil before the bearing is installed so that it can maintain a certain degree of lubrication. Moreover, during the use of the bearing, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment of the needle roller bearing. For such a small part, fine dust will become its killer, which will increase its wear during the use of the bearing. Since we are bound to do a good job of cleaning.

ball bearing units

Precautions when installing bolt ball bearing units

When installing the bolt ball bearing units, we should pay attention to the following points:

We need to clean the bearing with kerosene first, and then press the bearing into the bearing seat, and fill the roller facing the outer ring of the bearing to two-thirds full with Shell No. 3 lithium base grease. Then apply the filler evenly with clean hands, then install the bearing gland, apply bolt anti-loose glue to the fastening bolts, and then tighten the bearing gland.

If the bolt roller bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing that can be separated from the inner and outer shells, we should put the bearing on the shaft when we use it and pay attention to placing it in place.

Secondly, we need to install the bearing seat on the top of the casing. If there is a grease injection hole on the top, we need to pay attention to aligning the position when installing.

The main roller is the main bearing body in bolt ball bearing units; it can bear impact and load in the vertical direction and has excellent corrosion, wear, and impact resistance. Because the main roller is a full complement roller bearing, it can also function as a one-way bearing on its own.

Next, we need to install the inner and outer eccentric blocks on the top of the rotating shaft and pay attention to placing them in place. If there is a shaft key, install it inside the keyway, then install the outer eccentric block and turn the shaft retaining ring on the rotating shaft above.

When installing the bolt ball bearing units, we should pay attention to the placement of each part in place and pay attention to the tightening of the bolts so as to ensure safety during use.

ball bearing units

How to clean ball bearing units

When the ball bearing units are damaged and repaired, first record the surface of the roller bearing to confirm the amount of lubricating oil remaining, and then take a sample of the lubricating oil and then clean the roller bearing.

In general, the chosen cleaning agent can clean the anti-rust oil sealed on the roller bearing with a solvent cleaning agent. If there is thick anti-rust oil on the roller bearing, first use a solvent-based oil cleaner for metal parts, heat it properly, dissolve it, and clean it. Take it out after the surface anti-rust oil dissolves, and then wipe it clean.

When cleaning, hold the inner ring of ball bearing units with one hand and gradually rotate the outer ring with the other hand until all the oil stains on the roller bearing rotor, raceway, and cage are removed, and then clean the surface of the outer ring of the bolt roller bearing.

When starting to clean, twist slowly and shake back and forth. Do not twist too hard; otherwise, the raceway and rotating body of the ball bearing units will be easily attached by dust. When the roller bearings are cleaned frequently, it can be divided into two steps: rough cleaning and fine cleaning. During rough cleaning, if the roller bearing rotates with dirt, it will damage the rotating surface of the roller bearing, so attention should be paid. Grease and adhesion should be removed with a brush when using coarse cleansing oils. After a rough clean, move on to a fine clean. Fine cleaning is to thoroughly clean the roller bearings while they are rotating in clean oil. For roller bearings that are inconveniently damaged, clean them with a parts cleaning agent to melt the old oil, and then use an iron hook or iron spoon to rinse the residual oil in the roller bearings. Be careful not to use open flames when cleaning.

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