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Процесс разработки подшипников в Китае

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, although China's bearing industry has made amazing achievements, with the continuous development of science and technology and modernization, the requirements for rolling bearing products have become higher and higher, from product development capabilities, product quality levels and production; manufacturing From a level perspective, there is still a large gap with the world's major bearing producing countries, and it is not yet a strong round of bearing cattle production. Scientific research and strict product development capabilities are small, few varieties, unstable quality depends on poor parts, backward technology. Most winds are at the level of imitation. General low-grade bearings are provided for larger than large-scale operations. Special and large equipment supporting bearings cannot allow the matching requirements of key hosts to be based on the current status of the mechanical and electrical industry and the requirements of the ten machine industries. The development trend of the rolling bearing industry is: from the production scale to the quality and efficiency type: if the focus is on product accuracy, performance, life, reliability and other indicators, increase the bearing technology progress and technological innovation, especially based on bearing life and Focus on reliable parts. Improve the level of Yanpin manufacturing technology. By adjusting the structure of Guangpin, research on the design and application technology of humidified bearings, we will expand the production capacity of high-precision and high-value-added bearings from special bearings, and according to the needs of the host. Focus on the development of units with high speed, high accuracy, high reliability, long life, low friction, low vibration, and low noise.

UCP207-20 Bearing

The development time of bearings is not short, and the development of many bearing companies has a trend of progress, but we should also learn some advanced foreign technologies and do more technical research on bearings. Only in this way can we really improve.

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