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Split Plummer Block Housings Boost Coal Mining Efficiency

In order to increase the amount of coal transported, the coal transmission line often bears a large load; at the same time, the environment of the mine is relatively harsh, and there is a lot of dust. However, most coal mines require 24-hour continuous operation. Therefore, the reliability and stability of coal transmission lines are crucial to improving coal mining efficiency. Any unexpected shutdown may become a production or operational accident.

Coal conveying lines usually use integral bearings or ordinary bearing units with housings (the internal bearings are integral bearings) as the support of the drum. The sealing effect is average, and dust is easy to enter the interior of the bearing, which may cause premature failure of the bearing. At the same time, the bearing unit with a seat at the position of the driving roller of the conveyor line is between the driving equipment and the roller, and its subsequent maintenance and repair are time-consuming and labor-intensive, resulting in a long downtime of the conveyor line. The traditional bearing scheme restricts the improvement of coal mining efficiency and also exposes maintenance workers to safety threats for a long time.

Split plummer block housings cylindrical roller bearing units are a new generation of bearing solutions. Compared with ordinary bearing units, the inner cylindrical roller bearing has a “two-half” structure, and at the same time, a “two-half” bearing box is added between the bearing and the housing, so we are also used to calling it a split plummer block housing unit. The split plummer block housing unit is suitable for applications where the installation and removal of bearings are limited and is perfectly suited for the application of driving rollers in coal conveyor lines.

разъемный корпус стационарного блока для тяжелых условий эксплуатации

The split plummer block housings units are mounted and disassembled radially, eliminating the need to disconnect and disassemble components around the bearing, such as motors, gearboxes, and couplings, greatly reducing downtime for bearing maintenance and overhaul. In addition, high performance and various sealing options provide strict protection for the healthy operation of the bearing. The unique design of the cylindrical roller bearing core and outer spherical bearing housing ensures that they take into account the self-aligning function and excellent axial floating ability.

Split plummer block housing units can result in significant cost savings. Firstly, unscheduled downtime and lost production due to time-consuming installation procedures are eliminated; in some cases, the losses can be huge. Secondly, installation costs are greatly reduced. Compared with ordinary housed bearing units, split plummer block housings are faster and easier to install; third, the cost of dismantling and replacing adjacent components is eliminated; finally, maintenance costs are reduced, split plummer block housings units are more convenient for comprehensive inspections, and their maintenance efficiency is extremely high. Although the split plummer block housing unit has a relatively high initial investment cost, it can significantly improve the operational efficiency and profitability of coal transmission lines and bearings over their entire life cycle.

If the processing accuracy of the split plummer block housings is low or the inner hole is smaller than the size of the outer ring of the bearing, the bearing will not fall to the bottom, and the upper cover will buckle, and the bearing will be flattened, making the local clearance of the bearing smaller. At the same time, too tight containment increases the bearing’s resistance to free movement. As mentioned above, the bearing will heat up or even be damaged. Therefore, when some units encounter this kind of phenomenon, they quickly loosen the upper cover bolts and vibrate the bearing seat to alleviate the problem. This is the reason, but this is not a panacea; the fundamental thing is to cooperate properly. Therefore, the size of the joint should be measured before installation to ensure matching accuracy. It is also specifically stated here that if the bearing is only crushed by the upper cover, it can be adjusted by using appropriate shims after measuring and calculating.

разъемный корпус стационарного блока для тяжелых условий эксплуатации

Considerations when choosing split plummer block housings

Of course, when we buy split bearings, we also need to know some selection skills so that we can get more suitable bearings and make the mechanical equipment work better.

  1. Choose according to the fixed load, because the fixed load has the characteristics that the synthetic radial load vector and the ferrule are relatively static.
  2. Select split plummer block housings according to the number of rotating loads, because the rotating load has the characteristics of the synthetic radial load vector relative to the rotation of the ferrule.
  3. Select according to the swing load and indeterminate load of the split bearing. Swing loads are loads in which the rotating load is much smaller than the fixed load and the resultant load. Swing load means that the load on some ferrules may be sometimes a rotating load, sometimes a fixed load, and sometimes a swing load.

A warm reminder: Because the ferrule of the vibratory split bearing needs a certain transition fit or interference fit with the shaft or seat hole, when the interference size is such that the rolling bearing works under load, the ferrule of the vibratory split bearing is on the shaft or seat hole. The principle is that no “creep” phenomenon occurs on the mating surface in the seat hole.

Xiamen Smark Bearing is a professional Китайский экспортер подшипников UCP. Our company has many years of production experience and is one of the experts in this field. We help customers install and debug bearings, make the bearings run more standardized, prolong the service life of bearings, and provide training services for customers so that they can use bearings more reasonably. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

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