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Common Causes of Premature Bearing Failure

Not every bearing lives up to its expected service life. In this blog, we will cover some common causes of premature bearing failure. All 3 bolt flange bearings will have to be replaced at some point, but by considering the following points, you will get the most out of them.

1. Poor bearing lubrication

A common cause of premature failure is incorrect lubrication. Proper lubrication will reduce friction between parts. This reduces energy consumption, heat generation, wear and noise levels. In addition, lubricants prevent corrosion and dirt. Therefore, proper lubrication is crucial. have to be aware of is:

Wrong type of lubrication: There are many types of lubricants, of which grease and oil are the most common. However, not all products are the same! They may vary in consistency, (base) oil viscosity, water resistance, shelf life, etc. Also, some applications may require special properties. These include lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industries, or applications involving chemical vapors or extreme temperatures. Make sure the choice of lubricant matches its application. Insufficient lubrication: Too little lubricant can lead to steel-to-steel contact between the rolling body and raceway. This will increase heat generation and accelerate wear. Too Much Lubrication: Using too much lubricant can also lead to increased temperatures due to the increased friction of the lubricant itself. Seals may also be damaged. Again, this can lead to premature 3 bolt flange bearing failure.

When changing lubricants, always remember to remove old, contaminated grease first.


2. Improper bearing (disassembly) assembly method

Improperly installed 3 bolt flange bearings may be damaged in the process. Do not use a hammer to force the bearing in place. Always use the correct method, whether mechanical, hydraulic, or even use heat to install bearings, and always use the proper tools. Care should be taken when removing a worn bearing so that the replacement bearing can be installed without any problems. We offer tools for safe installation and removal, such as bearing pullers, hook wrench sets and transport kits.

The alignment of the shaft on which the 3 bolt flange bearing is mounted is also important. In fact, misalignment can accelerate bearing failure.

Фланцевый подшипник на 3 болтах

3. Wrong bearing selection

No matter how cleverly a 3 bolt flange bearing is installed, if the bearing type is not suitable for the application, it will fail prematurely. The type of load plays an important role (radial, axial or combined), and the capacity and size must also be correct.

Additionally, specific or extreme operating conditions may exist. Bearings can be subject to severe shock and vibration, and even electrical charges. In these cases, bearings designed for these purposes (usually identifiable by specific suffixes) should always be selected. You can find examples of FAG QP51 bearings in our blog.

4. Dirt

Small dirt particles such as grit and dust that get into 3 bolt flange bearings or lubricants can cause excessive wear. Possible reasons for the introduction of dirt may be:

Wrong type of seal: If a seal cannot withstand certain conditions, such as high speed, high temperature or load, it can fail and no longer prevent dirt from entering the bearing. Incorrect seal positioning: If the seal is not installed correctly, the 3 bolt flange bearing may not seal properly and dirt particles may enter the system. Worn or damaged seals: Due to wear or damage, the performance of seals can degrade over time. Worn or broken seals do not prevent contamination. Improper storage or use: Bearings must be stored in a clean, cool place free from moisture, dust or other dirt. Do not remove the packaging and protective film before assembly. Care is also required when transporting and moving bearings. Impacts and drops can cause damage that is not always visible, which can increase the chance of contamination.

5. Overload and underload

Overloading: If the bearing is continuously overloaded, premature metal fatigue may occur. Metal fatigue is the result of changing surface loads on the bearing raceways. The strength of the material decreases until small cracks appear and the parts fall apart. Fatigue often occurs when a 3 bolt flange bearing is nearing its expected service life, regardless of the load it is being subjected to. Try to avoid overloading and prevent fatigue from occurring prematurely. Heavy Duty: Bearings require minimal loads for proper performance, especially when high speeds and large gears are involved. If the load is too low, the balls or rollers will not roll, but rather drag across the raceway. These sliding movements can increase friction and cause material damage.

Фланцевый подшипник на 3 болтах can be used everywhere in our lives. As long as they are properly protected and used correctly, they can be used for a long time.

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