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Visão geral da unidade de rolamento montada

According to the different requirements of bearings and bearing housings, the classification of bearing housings is not exactly the same. When using them, they must be carefully checked and selected according to the design.

1 Classified by the shape of the bearing seat:

1.1 Outer spherical bearing, also called bearing unit (SKF parlance). When there is no bearing, it is called an outer spherical bearing seat. The outer spherical bearing seat is divided into 200 series according to the bearing series. 500 series. 300 series. 600 series. XOO series.

1.2 The outer spherical bearing seat is divided into vertical seat (P seat), square seat (F seat), diamond seat (FL seat), round seat (C seat), convex round seat (FC seat), convex seat Table square seat (FS seat), dark hole seat (PA seat), hanging seat (FA seat).

1.3 Integral (that is, non-separated) vertical bearing block group seat, bearing box cover with screw fastening. These vertical bearing block sets were originally developed as axle boxes for light rail trucks, but can also be used in traditional vertical block sets. Non-separable vertical bearing blocks are more rigid than discrete bearing blocks, and some can withstand heavier loads. The outer spherical bearing seat also belongs to the integral seat.

2 Split bearing housing

2.1 Split bearing housing, according to different bearings and shaft requirements, it is divided into SN2, 5, 3, 6 series, SNL2, SNL5, SD are 2, 5, 3, 6, 3100, 3000, 3200

Bearing housing is divided into: split bearing housing, sliding bearing housing, rolling bearing housing, bearing housing with flange, outer spherical bearing housing and so on.

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