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Perguntas frequentes sobre a unidade de rolamento montado

Wear problem

Wear is the most common problem in bearing housings, and bearing housing wear often occurs.

Repair method

Traditional methods generally use post-surfacing machining to repair, and surfacing will cause the component surface to reach a very high temperature, causing deformation or cracking of the component, and obtaining a size through machining results in a significant increase in downtime. The use of polymer composite materials for on-site repairs has neither thermal effects nor restrictions on the repair thickness. The abrasion resistance of the product and the concession properties of metal materials do not ensure 100% contact fit of the repaired parts and reduce equipment. The shock vibration avoids the possibility of wear. On-site repairs to avoid machining methods.

Repair process

There are generally only four steps:

1. Surface treatment, will need to repair the surface of the bearing seat to remove oil and moisture;

2. Reconcile repair materials;

3. Apply the material, apply the material evenly to the repaired part of the bearing seat, and fill it firmly;

4. Wait for the material to solidify. The surface of the material can be appropriately heated to accelerate the solidification of the material.

General bearing room wear can be repaired in 3-6 hours, easy to learn, no special equipment and specialized training, compared with laser welding, cold welding and other technologies save time and effort, the cost is only 1 / 5- of the general repair cost 1/10, on-site repair reduces equipment maintenance time and transportation costs.

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