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UCFL207-21 1-5/16″ 2 Bolt Flange Bearing

UCFL207-21 1-5/16″ 2 Bolt Flange Bearing

UCFL207-21 2-hole flange bearing units produced by GJP are commonly used in agriculture, food and beverage processing, and material handling applications, etc. It is simple and compact in design, easy to install and maintain. It also has good load carrying capacity and can withstand moderate to heavy radial and axial loads.
The UCFL207-21 1-5/16″ 2 Bolt Flange Bearing is a bearing unit designed for mounting applications where it is mounted on a surface such as a shaft or housing. It has two mounting bolts to secure the bearing mount noodle.

Product Details

UCFL207-21 Dimensions

UCFL207-21 is a spherical bearing with flanges on both sides. Its specifications are as follows:

Dimensions: Inner diameter of 1-5/16 inches, outer diameter of 161 millimeters
Material: Cast iron
Seal type: NBR rubber seals on both sides
Bearing load capacity: Dynamic load of 14 kN, static load of 7.85 kN
Installation method: Flanges on both sides, can be installed with bolts or clamping sleeves
Application: Commonly used in bearing housings, transmission devices, agricultural machinery and other equipment.


UCFL207-21 Features:

1. UCFL207-21 has good adaptability and interchangeability, and can be widely used in machine tools, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, electric tools and other mechanical equipment fields.

2. The shell of UCFL207-21 is made of cast iron material, which has good corrosion resistance and strength.

3. The UCFL207-21 bearing adopts a double-seal structure, which can effectively prevent dust, dirt, water and other impurities from entering the inside of the bearing, ensuring a long service life.

4. The UCFL207-21 bearing uses internal lubricating grease, which can effectively reduce the friction and heat of the bearing, reduce noise, and ensure the efficient operation of the bearing.


What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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