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UCFL206 2 Bolt Solid Base Mounted Bearing

UCFL206 2 Bolt Solid Base Mounted Bearing

The UCFL206 bearing is a duplex wiper bearing with two bolted shaft seats. It consists of an inner ring, an outer ring, steel balls, a cage, two bolted shaft seats and two dust rings. The bearing has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long life, and is widely used in the field of industrial machinery, such as metallurgical equipment, mining machinery, heavy machinery, etc. The specification of UCFL206 bearing is inner diameter 30 mm, outer diameter 108 mm, height 40 mm, weight 1.33 kg.

Product Details

UCFL206 is a bearing unit with a tapered bore and square flange used in mechanical equipment. It is usually used to support the load of rotating shafts or bearings, with high rigidity and durability.

The main features of UCFL206 bearing include:

1. The appearance is a square flange structure, which is easy to install.

2. The tapered design of the inner bore can adapt to higher axial loads.

3. Double-sealed design effectively prevents contaminants from entering the bearing.

4. Mounted on a sliding seat, the position can be freely adjusted, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

5. Suitable for heavy loads and high-speed rotating mechanical equipment.

The performance parameters of UCFL206 bearing include inner diameter (30mm), outer diameter (108mm), and thickness (42.9mm). It is usually supported by a rotating shaft with a load to help mechanical equipment achieve higher precision and stability.

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