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UCFL204-12 flange mounted pillow block bearings

UCFL204-12 flange mounted pillow block bearings

UCFL204 12 is a UC series flanged bearing with spiral overflow on both sides, its parameters are as follows:

Model: UCFL204 12

Inner diameter: 3/4 inch

Outer diameter: 113mm

Width: 86mm

Housing weight: 0.28 kg

Basic dynamic load (static load): 12.8 kN (6.65 kN)

Maximum speed: 4500 rpm

Product Details

UCFL204-12 is a bearing unit with fair housing and two screw fixing holes, containing a 22.2mm bore spherical bearing and seal. This product is commonly used in fields such as agriculture, manufacturing, and construction, often employed to support rotating or linearly moving equipment such as conveyors, robotic arms, shafts, drive wheels, and rollers.

Working Principle

UCFL204-12 is a flanged bearing, mainly composed of an inner ring, outer ring, ball, and flange. The working principle of the UCFL204-12 bearing is that when an external force or load is applied to the shaft, the shaft transfers the load to the ball through the inner ring, and the ball rolls between the inner and outer rings to transmits the load. At the same time, the outer ring with flange can be fixed on the machine equipment to prevent the bearing from offsetting or rotating. Therefore, it is able to support and transmit the load and force on the shaft, ensuring stable operation of the equipment.


The UCFL204-12 bearing features a simple structure, easy installation, long service life, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is a common square bearing with two screw holes that can improve the efficiency and stability of equipment, reduce mechanical failure rates, and ensure normal production.

Its applications are relatively extensive, mainly including the following aspects:

  1. Agricultural machinery field: The UCFL204-12 bearing is commonly used in agricultural machinery such as tractors, seeders, harvesters, and grass processing equipment to support various rotating components.
  2. Construction machinery field: The UCFL204-12 bearing is also widely used in construction machinery, including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and other equipment.
  3. Transmission equipment field: The UCFL204-12 bearing is installed on conveyors, belts, drums, and other equipment to support the load and ensure normal operation of the equipment.
  4. Textile machinery field: The UCFL204-12 bearing is used in textile machinery such as looms, spinning machines, and other rotating components to ensure smooth equipment operation.
  5. General machinery field: In addition to the above-mentioned industries, the UCFL204-12 bearing can also be used in most general machinery equipment, such as workshop equipment, printing presses, packaging machines, food processing equipment, and so on.


2 hole flange bearing UCFL201

The UCFL series bearings are easy-to-install bearings with rectangular or circular protruding ears on both ends. They are made of cast iron or steel plate, which provides good rigidity and convenient installation and removal. They are widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, transportation, machinery, and other fields. The UCFL series bearings have the following specifications:


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