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UCFL203 two hole flange bearing

UCFL203 two hole flange bearing

UCFL203 is a 2 hole flange bearing. It has a bore diameter of 17mm and an overall length of 113mm. It is flange mounted and has two holes for attachment to a surface and is well suited for use in machinery and equipment where a rotating shaft is required to support a load.
The two-hole flanged bearings with housings produced by GJP are all made of high-quality materials. The bearings are stable in operation, low in noise, and can be used for a long time. The installation of UCFL203 is also very simple, and the caliber of uniform size can be replaced very well. GJP UCFL203 bearings are used in a variety of applications including agricultural machinery, conveyor systems, mining equipment and industrial equipment.

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Product Details

UCFL203 is a housing unit that consists of a spherical bearing unit having two flanges. It includes an inner ring, outer ring, balls, cage, cast iron bearing housing, and seals, with a hole diameter of 17mm. This unit is ideal for mounting on the support for bearing applications that require rotation or reciprocation. It can tolerate both axial and radial loads and is designed to facilitate easy installation and maintenance with a two-bolt mounting system and lubrication through grease nipples.


UCFL203 is a closed flanged bearing housing made of ductile iron. It is commonly used in various fields, including agricultural machinery (such as tractors and harvesters), food processing equipment (such as bread machines and mixers), conveyor belt equipment (such as conveyor belts and rollers), and industrial automation equipment (such as machine tools, packaging machines, and injection molding machines). The UCFL203 bearing housing has a simple structure, easy installation, long service life, and convenient maintenance. It tightly connects the bearing and the installation surface, which improves the efficiency and stability of the entire mechanical equipment.


UCFL203 represents a square flange seat, the specific parameters are as follows:

Model: UCFL203
Seat type: ball seat
Bearing inner diameter: 17mm
Seat Outer Diameter: 78mm
Seat bearing inner ring width: 31 mm
Seat outer ring width: 21mm
Seat bearing static load: 6.65 kN
Seat dynamic load: 10.15 kN
Flange material: cast iron
Flange diameter: 113 mm
Flange thickness: 11.5 mm
Flange hole diameter: 9 mm
Removable Flange: Yes

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What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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