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ucf205-16 Flange Bearing

ucf205-16 Flange Bearing

UCF205-16 flange bearing is a square pillow block bearing with dimensions of 205mm x 34.1mm x 13.8mm. It has excellent load bearing capacity and wear resistance, suitable for various high-speed and heavy-duty applications. Additionally, UCF205-16 bearing has the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, and is widely used in machinery equipment in fields such as metallurgy, mining, chemical, and papermaking.

Product Details

UCF205-16 flange bearing is a bearing from the UCF series that is produced by GJP, a renowned Chinese bearing brand. With more than ten years of experience in production and manufacturing, GJP is known for its high-quality, reliable, and superior performance bearings, which are popular worldwide.

The UCF205-16 bearing is designed with a square shell made of cast iron material that contains spherical rolling bearings and has self-lubricating function. This unique design structure ensures long-term, stable operation, reduces the frequency of failures, and improves operating efficiency.

The UCF205-16 bearing has the following parameters:

ID size of 1″ (25.4 mm)

OD size of 4.13 inches (105mm), and

thickness of 0.66 inches (16.8 mm).

It can withstand high speed and high load and maintain a long operating life.

GJP UCF205-16 flange bearing

GJP strictly controls the quality of its production process, and all production stages are inspected and confirmed by professional technicians to ensure excellent performance and reliability of the product. GJP also ensures that its UCF series products comply with international standards and customer requirements. The UCF205-16 bearing can be applied in various industries such as chemical, mechanical, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, automobile, and others.

As a Chinese bearing brand, GJP has complete varieties, reliable quality, short production cycle, and a preferential price. The brand also has a professional after-sales service team that provides customers with full pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. This team helps customers solve any problems and difficulties they may encounter during product use.


GJP UCF series

The UCF series bearings produced by GJP are four-hole square seat cylindrical spherical bearing units, which consist of a cylindrical hole and a spherical shell with a pre-installed shoulder. They have the advantage of easy installation, adjustment, and disassembly, and are suitable for large loads, medium to low speed requirements. GJP UCF series bearings are interchangeable with other UCF series bearings.

UCF series bearings are primarily used in various mechanical equipment and accessories in agriculture, factories, metallurgy, mining, light industry, and other fields.



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What is 7+4?

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