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UCF205-15 Square Flange Bearing

UCF205-15 Square Flange Bearing

The UCF205-15 Square Flange Bearing features a square flange design for easy mounting and installation. The bearing has a bore diameter of 15/16 inches and is made of high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability. It is a type of bearing used in various mechanical applications. It is commonly used in machinery, equipment, and conveyor systems to support rotating parts and reduce friction.GJP is a bearing brand with more than ten years of experience and rich experience in mounted bearings. Our mounted bearings are reliable in quality, have strong instability, and the price is favorable.

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Product Details

The UCF205-15 bearing is a four-bore square housing spherical bearing unit with a 15/16″ inside diameter and a 3.7″ outside diameter, suitable for supporting rotating shafts or housings. Featuring cast iron housing that provides durability and strength, the bearings can be installed in a variety of applications including agriculture, construction, automation, and manufacturing.

UCF205-15 bearing is a common square seat ball bearing with the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for shafts with a diameter of 15 mm;
  • There are four screw holes on the base for easy fixing on the base;
  • Adopt a spherical shell design, that can withstand higher load;
  • Steel balls are used inside for low friction.
  • Generally used for axial support of machines and machine tools;
  • Easy to install and easy to replace.

UCF205-15  square flange bearing

UCF205-15 is a square flange unit ball bearing with the following parameters:

Model: UCF205-15
ID: 15/16″ (23.81mm)
Outside Diameter: 3.5433 inches (90mm)
Width: 4.3701 inches (111mm)
Bearing material: Chrome steel (GCr15)
Sealing method: bimetallic gasket seal
Bearing load capacity: Static load is 7.85 KN, and the dynamic load is 14.0 KN
Installation method: square flange installation
Scope of application: Suitable for industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, and heavy machinery and equipment.

GJP company is a factory specializing in the manufacture of bearing units, UCF205-15 square flange bearing is a bearing unit widely used in the field of machinery, widely used in agriculture, construction, aviation, and other fields. GJP is your reliable choice when purchasing such bearings.

  1. Professional factory: GJP company is a professional manufacturer of mounted bearings. The square flange bearings we produce are of high quality and have a long service life.
  2. Price advantage: GJP’s own production advantages, on the other hand, also include multiple advantages such as quick response to customer needs and reasonable transportation methods, so as to provide customers with products with better quality and lower prices.
  3. Ready stock: GJP has abundant local stock because, in the sales process, there are many customers who need to have stock and configure it freely. Prompt and efficient fulfillment of off-the-shelf requests is an aspect of our premium service.
  4. Fast delivery: Since our company has a large inventory of bearings with housings, GJP adopts the direct delivery mode, adopts flexible transportation methods such as express delivery and containers, and has excellent packaging to ensure that the products can be delivered in the shortest time. reach the customer within.

GJP company has the most professional bearing unit production factory in the industry, with many years of production and sales experience to provide customers with considerate and high-quality services. Whether it is product quality, price, or delivery speed, etc., GJP can provide excellent services to customers and is trustworthy.

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