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UCF203-11 4 flange bearing

UCF203-11 4 flange bearing

We have a complete production and quality assurance process to ensure that our products can meet your requirements.
1. Assembly
2. Wind resistance test
3. Clean
4. Rotation test
5. Lubrication and capping
6. Noise detection
7. Visual inspection
8. Anti-rust
9. Product packaging

Product Details

UCF203-11 4 flange bearing This bearing has an inner diameter of 17mm, 11/16”. GCR15 material (chrome steel) self-aligning ball, four bolt flange bearing base. The bearing of UCF203-11 4 flange bearing has four holes, so it can balance the force points well. The hardness of the entire seat reaches HRC60~HRC63, which plays a good supporting role. Grease is required for bearing operation. We can provide SRL, PS2, Alvania R12, etc. according to your needs.

UCF203-11 4 flange bearing features

The base and interior of 4 flange bearings are spherical, so they are also called outer spherical bearings. This kind of 4-hole flange bearings has relatively small resistance and high speed when running. With the addition of grease, the running sound is small. If we can maintain it well, the service life of 4 flange bearings is very long. At present, UCF203-11 4 flange bearings are mainly used in textile machinery, textile accessories, non-woven machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, medical equipment, electronics, electrical, Instrumentation, metal, plastic and rubber industry, medical treatment and other fields.

UCF203 4 bolt bearing

1.GJP 4 bolt bearing housing:

4 bolt flange bearing


What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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