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GJP Wheel Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing DAC42800042

GJP Wheel Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing DAC42800042

GJP first general automotive bearing is made of double row angular contact ball bearing, which has one outer ring and one split inner race, its widely used on all type of automotive rear axle, and helps the wheel reduce the friction and have better rotation

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Product Details

Description- GJP Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing DAC42800042(Size42x80x42mm)

GJP Bar Code Number: 6935329839335

GJP first general automotive bearing is made of double row angular contact ball bearing, which has one outer ring and one split inner race, its widely used on all type of automotive rear axle, and helps the wheel reduce the friction and have better rotation, it’s double row structure benefits for bigger loading capacity when your automotive is running time to time, because of it’s easy design, when install this wheel bearing into the hub or the knukle, it requires better equipment and advanced technology, this item has the size of 42 bore, 80mm outer diameter and 42mm width, and the application car model is Volkswagon TRANSPORTER III Bus, TRANSPORTER III Flatbed / Chassis, Porsche 944, BMW 730 etc.


GJP advantage

  1. Using bearing dynamic simulation analysis could tell the internal stress of the bearing and optimize the bearing design dimensions. With this method we can design bearings and control the bearing internal stress below 2000MPa and avoid early failures.
  2. Guiding by the simulation software, can find a better bearing pre-tightening force to mount the bearing on a car.
  3. Guiding by the simulation software, can optimize the bearing design and prolong the bearing life 15~20% better.
  4. Analysis the bearing life with dynamic simulation software could shorten our sample design and develop period in 60 days.


The design of double row angular contact ball bearings is basically the same as that of single row angular contact ball bearings, but only takes up less axial space. Double row angular contact ball bearings can withstand radial loads and axial loads acting in two directions, it can limit the bidirectional axial displacement of the shaft or housing, and the contact angle is 30 degrees. High rigidity bearing arrangements are available and can withstand overturning moments.

Scope of application of  double row angular contact ball bearing

Compared with single row angular contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings have better rigidity and can withstand overturning moments. Bearings are non-separable. Especially suitable for applications with high rigidity requirements. It is widely used in the front wheel hubs of cars (some models also use double row tapered roller bearings of the same size).

Performance characteristics of double row angular contact ball bearing

The tiltability between the inner and outer rings of a double row angular contact ball bearing is limited. The allowable tilt angle depends on the internal clearance of the bearing, bearing size, internal design and the force and moment acting on the bearing. The maximum allowable tilt angle should be guaranteed Excessive additional stress is not generated in the bearing.

If there is an inclination angle between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, the service life of the bearing will be affected, and at the same time, the running accuracy of the bearing will decrease and the running noise will increase. Double row angular contact ball bearings generally use nylon cages or brass solid cages. When installing the double row angular contact ball bearing, it should be noted that although the bearing can bear bidirectional axial load, if there is a gap for the ball on one side, care should be taken not to let the main axial load pass through the groove on the side with the gap. When the bearing is used, care should be taken to make the raceway on the side without the ball-loading notch bear the main load


GJP Wheel Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing DAC42800042

Hub bearing simulation

GJP Wheel Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Internal stress analysis

GJP Wheel Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

GJP Wheel Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing


GJP NO. RelativeNo.
DAC124000183ZZ (C-00187)
DAC20420030/292RS 565592J22 539816
DAC205000206 320104
DAC205000206A 156704
DAC255200206 617546A IR-8032
DAC255200206/232RS VBF256705
DAC255200372RS 445539A 576467 FC40570S04 IR-2220
DAC25520037ZZ FC12025
DAC255200422RS DAC2552W-92RS AU0501 25BWD01
DAC25520042RZ A17080410 DAC2552W-4CS25 AU0503
DAC255200432RS DAC2552BW-1 FC12180S04 IR-2221
DAC255500432RS BAH0059 FC12271 IR-2222
DAC255500452RS DAC25553 FC40858S03
DAC255600206/292RS 6.33273E+11 (C0517)
DAC25560032ZZ BAH5000 445979 IR-8520
DAC256375206/34.2 633340B
DAC254650024/17 AU1563
DAC276000502RS DAC01WD07 DE0565 513071 IR-8653
DAC27600050ZZ 27BWD01J
DAC285800422RS DAC28582RK 28BWD03A 513055
DAC28610042 28006 DAC286142AW 28BWD01A IR-8549
DAC286100422RS DU2806ADDXA
DAC29530037ZZ BAH-1026B 801023AA
DAC30500020 ZWBE-030
DAC305000202RS DE0678CS1
DAC30540024 ZWBE-029 8
DAC30550030/25 ATVBB-2 (S9572)
DAC30550032ZZ DAC3055WCS31
DAC305800422RS 30BWD
DAC306000372RS DAC3060372RS DU3009ADDXA VBF256906
DAC306003372RS 633313C636164A 529891AB DAC3060W GB10790S04 B-81513116 IR-8040
633667AE616890 545312
DAC30600037/34 BA2B243739CA
DAC306200322RS NACHI/30BVV06
DAC30620038ZZ DAC30620038A 30BWD10
DAC30630042 DAC3063W-1 30BWD01A 513022
DAC306300422RS DU3018ADDXA
DAC30640042RZ DAC3064WRKB DE0776CS4
DAC306500212RS BA2B630374/C4 522372A 511020 IR-8014
DAC3065002642RS 320406
DAC30680045ZRS DE0690 30BWD04
DCA307200302 3306
DAC307200374RS BAHB636035
DAC32720045 32BWD05 513150
DAC346200372RS 309724 561447 IR-8051
BAHB311316B 531910
DAC346400374RS 309726DA 532066DE DAC3464G12RS 34BWD04BV B-35 IR-8041
DAC34640037ZZ BAH0092BAH0116 DU3409ADDXH GB10884 34BWD11
DAC34640037RZ VBF256907
DAC346600374RS 636114A 580400CA55 34BWD10B IR-8622
DAC346700372RS 559530 IR-8775
DAC346800422RS 34BWD09A
DAC356200312RS DAC3562AW
DAC356200402RS DAC3562W-5
DAC356400372RS DAC3564A-1 DE0749 510014
DAC35640037ZZ BAH0042 DU3532ADDXC
DAC356500352RS BT2B445620B443952 546238A DAC3565WCS30 GB12004FC12033S03 IR-8042
DAC35650035ZZ GB12438
DAC356600322RS 445980A IR-8091
DAC35660032ZZ BAH5001
DAC356600332RS BAHB633676 GB12306 IR-8089
DAC35660033ZZ BAH0015
DAC356600374RS BAHB311309 5.44308E+11 GB12136 513021 IR-8065
DAC35660037ZZ BAHB-0023
DAC35670042ZZ 35BWD24
DAC35680233/30 DAC3568W-6 35BWD07
DAC356800372RS BAHB633295 541153A567918B6-256707 DAC3568A2RS GB10840S02 B-33 IR-8026
DAC35680037ZZ (PLC15-12) GB10132
DAC35720433ZZ BAH0013 456162 GB40714 IR-8094
DAC35720027 510002 IR-8004
DAC35720228 BA2B441832AB 544033 GB10679 IR-8028
DAC35720233/31 DAC357233B-1W 35BWD06A 513002
DAC357200332RS BA2B445535AE 548083 GB12094S04 IR-8055
DAC357204332RS BAHB633669 GB12862 IR-8094
DAC35720433ZZ BA2B446762B BAHB0013
DAC357200342RS 540763 DAC357234A DE0763 35BWD01CC B-36
DAC35760054ZRS 35BWD10
DAC36640042RZ CRI-0787 36BWD05
DAC36680033 805172 DAC3668AWCS36 36BWD04 510001
DAC366800332RS BAH0087 DU3604ADDXA
DAC36720434 (NTNDE0769) 559225 DAC367234A DE0769 36BWD01B B-32
DAC36760029/27 440190C
DAC37720033ZZ BAH0051B GB40547
DAC377200372RS 579794-CA GB12807S03 IR-8066
DAC377202372RS BA2B633028 527631 GB12258
DAC377204372RS 633531B 562398A GB12131S03 IR-8088
DAC37720437ZZ BAH0012AD GB40706
DAC377400452RS 309946AC 541521C DE07A02 GB12095S01 37BWD01 IR-8049
DAC387000374RS 636193C 05083332A DAC3870TS 38BWD19 510055
DAC38700037ZZ 579794-CA DU3819ADDXC GB13870S01
DAC387000382RS 686908A (DAC3870W DAC3870DW DE08A32 GB18690S01 38BWD21 510012
DAC38710033/30 DAC3871W-2 38BWD09A
DAC387100394RS DAC3871W-3CS63 38BWD22
DAC38710039ZZ DU3822ADDXC 510062
DAC38720434 DAC3872A DE0869 38BWD04
DAC38720040ZZ DAC3872B12RS42 DAC3872W-10 DE0871 38BVV07-10G 513024 DE0871
DAC38720236/33 DAC3872W-8 38BWD12 510007
DAC38720236/332RS DU3802ADDXA
DAC387300404RS DAC3873-1 DE08A48L 38BWD26 510015
DAC38740236/33 NACHI38BVV07-26G 574795 DAC3874W-6 38BWD01A1a 514002 IR-8550
DAC38740236/33 BAH0041D DE08A33 38BWD15A
DAC387400402RS 38BWD10B
DAC387400502RS 559192 DU3813ADDXA DE0892 38BWD06D 510008 IR-8651
DAC396800374RS BA2B309692309396 540733 39BWD03 B-38513014 IR-8052
DAC396806374RS DE0819 510024
DAC396807374RS 311315BD 528810 B-38A510024 IR-8111
DAC397200374RS 309639 542186A803646 DAC3972AW4 GB12776 39BWD01BC B-83N513113 IR-8085
BAHB311396B FC459205
DAC397204374RS 801663E 510056
DAC397206374RS 542186CA
DAC39720637ZZ BAH0036
DAC39740036/342RS 395418 39BWD20 510078
DAC39740036/34/ZZ DU3905ADDXC
DAC397400392RS BAHB636096A 579557 510052
DAC39740039ZZ BAH0043 581108 GB40037S01 39BWD05 IR-8603
DAC39/417500372RS BAHB633815A 567447B GB12399S01 IR-8530
DAC407200374RS BAHB311443 566719 GB12320S02 IR-8095
DAC407204374RS 801663D
DAC407206374RS 510004
DAC40720036/33 DAC4072W-3CS35 510018
DAC40720036/332RS DU4004ADDXA
DAC40740036/34 MB-808442 M8-808442 DAC4074CWCS73 AU0803 40BWD016
DAC40740036/342RS DU4008ADDXA
DAC407400362RS 40BWD15A 510061
DAC40740036ZZ AU0817-5 DU4030ADDXC VKBA3272
DAC407400404RS BAHB636060C 559493/8011 DAC4074W12CS47 DE08A27 40BWD06D
DAC40740040ZZ NTNDE08A27 DU4010ADDXC 510003
DAC40740042ZZ DAC4074W-3CS80 40BWD12 510070
DAC407500372RS BAHB633966 559494 TGB12933S0 510029 IR-8593
DAC40760033ZZ 555800 40BWD08A 510032
DAC40760033/282RS 474743 539166AB B-39 IR-8110
DAC40760041/38RZ DAC4076412RCS DE0891 40BWD05 IR-8583
DAC40760041/38ZZ 513053
DAC408000302 440320H 523854 Y44FB10394 IR-8006
DAC40800031 BA2B445469BA GB12088S01 IR-8062
DAC40800036/34 DAC4080M1 AU0823 40BWD07A 510075
DAC40800036/342RS 636187C 40BWD14 513036
DAC40800037ZZ BAH0004
DAC408000381ZZ 443096B 534682B GB10800S01
DAC408402538ZZNR GB40250S01 IR-8638
DAC40900046 (PT40900046)
DAC401080017322RS BA2B445533 TGB10872S02 IR-8048
DAC42720038/352RS VKBA3235
DAC427200382RS BAHB1866047A 517008
DAC427500372RS 3.09246E+11 545495D DAC4275BW2RS GB12010 5.13103E+11 IR-8062
BA2B633457311424 533953 IR-8509
DAC427600332RS 555801 42BWD12 510057
DAC42760038/35 BAH0043 DAC4276 42BWD06CA 510009 IR-8650
DAC427600392RS 579102 42BWD19 513058
DAC42760040/372RS 909042BA2B309796BA 547059A DAC4276402RSF B-42513006 IR-8112
DAC427800382RS DAC4278A2RS
DAC42780038ZZ 42BWD09
DAC427800402RS DE0871
DAC427800452RS 510072
DAC42800036/34ZZ BAH00117 42BWD13
DAC428000362RS 510076
DAC428000372RS BAHB633770 GB12955S04 IR-8502
DAC428003422RS BA2B309609AD 527243C DAC4280B2RS 513154 IR-8515
DAC428000452RS DAC4280W-2 42BWD11
DAC42800045ZZ BAH0028 510010
DAC42820036/34ZZ 42BWD13
DAC428200362RS BAH0171 561481 GB12875S01 513073 IR-8086
DAC42820036ZZ BAH0185 GB40574
DAC428200372RS BAHB311413 565636 GB12269 IR-8090
DAC42840034 Y44GB10667 IR-8012
DAC42840036 BA2B444090AB 564727 GB10857S02 GB40550 513151 IR-8039
DAC428400392RS 440090 543359B GB10702S02 IR-8101
DAC437600432RS 43BWD12A 510060
DAC43760043ZZ AU0908-3
DAC43770042/38 46T090804
DAC43790041/382RS DAC4379-1 43BWD08 510030
DAC43790041/38ZZ AU0907
DAC438000382RS IR-8667
DAC438000402RS 510090
DAC43800050/45 DAC4380ACS69 43BWD03
DAC43820045ZZ BAH0032 DAC4382W-3CS79 43BWD06B 510006
DAC43/458200372RS BAHB633814A 567519AB IR-8737
DAC43/45820037ZZ BAH-0011A IR-8506
DAC43/45850037ZZ 636214A/633818 IR-8658
DAC448250037ZZ 880912 GB40246S07 44BWD02 IR-8618
DAC458000452RS 564725AB 510051
DAC45800048ZZ GB40096
DAC458300442RS 615645
DAC458400392RS BAHB309797 547103E GB12398S02 45BWD03 513130 IR-8529
DAC45840039ZZ GB40264
DAC45840041/392RS DAC4584DW 43BWD113
DAC45840041/39ZZ 510034
DAC45840042/40ZZ DE0994 45BWD07B 510039
DAC45850023 4209ATN9 4209BTVH IR-8566
DAC4585003022RS DAC2004
DAC45850041ZZ 580191
DAC45850051ZZ DAC4585
DAC45880039 GB40300S03
DAC47810053ZZ DAC4781WSH2 510028
DAC47850045ZZ K559431 516008
DAC48860042/40 48BWD01
DAC498400482RS BAHB309797C 547103 DAC458439BW IR-8572
DAC49880046ZZ 572506 GB40279S02 49BWD01B
DAC50900034 633007C 528514
DAC35720033ABS BAH00583ADX
DAC37720033ABS BAH0072
DAC37720037ABS BAH0055
DAC38730040ABS 38BWD26
DAC39720037ABS BAH0106 38BWD27
DAC39740039ABS BAH0043C
DAC40750037ABS BAH0068D
DAC40750039ABS 40BWD17
DAC40840040ABS XGB40492
DAC42780045ABS BAH0069
DAC42820036ABS BAH0178
DAC43780044ABS DAC4378W-1 AU0933-4 510089


What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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