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GJP Premium Industry Transmission Roller Chain RS50-1 with Single Pitch Attachment In Conveyor Field

GJP Premium Industry Transmission Roller Chain RS50-1 with Single Pitch Attachment In Conveyor Field

GJP transmission roller chain is composed of an inner link steel plate, an outer link steel plate, pin, sleeve, and roller. The quality of the chain depends on the pin and sleeve. Steel roller chains are a type of chain that are made of steel, making them durable and long lasting. They are commonly used in applications such as conveyors and elevators, where a reliable and sturdy chain is required. Steel roller chains are commonly used in industrial and agricultural settings, but can also be used in transportation and manufacturing applications. Roller chains are reliable and can handle heavy loads, making them a popular choice for many applications.

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Product Details

Description- GJP industrial steel roller chain RS50-1

GJP Bar Code Number: 6935329839458

GJP transmission steel roller chain is composed of an inner link steel plate, an outer link steel plate, pin, sleeve, and roller. The quality of the chain depends on the pin and sleeve.


GJP Drive steel roller chain includes two categories:

  1. Internally linked transmission chain: According to the motion analysis, the movement (rotation and linear movement) of the connected actuator belongs to an independent row motion, so the relative movement relationship between the actuators must be strictly required. A transmission chain having this kind of transmission chain connection property is called an internal connection transmission chain. Therefore, transmission mechanisms with uncertain or instantaneous transmission ratio changes in the internal transmission chain, such as belt transmission, chain transmission, friction transmission, etc. For example, when processing a thread screw on a horizontal lathe, the transmission between the main shaft and the tool head is an internal connection transmission chain with strict requirements on the transmission ratio, which can ensure and obtain the required pitch of the thread screw.
  2. Externally linked transmission chain: It is the transmission chain between the motion source and the machine tool’s actuator. It enables the actuator to move at a predetermined speed and transmit a certain power, but it does not require a strict transmission ratio relationship between the motion source and the execution element. The change of the transmission ratio of the external contact transmission chain only affects the productivity and surface roughness, and does not affect the formation of the working surface shape.


Steel roller chain can be divided into three types: bridge steel roller chain, fully enclosed steel roller chain and semi-enclosed steel roller chain according to different usage environments and usage requirements.

Selection principle of steel roller chain

  1. Determine the height hg of the chain plate and the model of the drag chain according to the maximum hole diameter Dma of the support plate.
  2. The inner cavity diameter of the support plate D1=d+ is approximately equal to 0.1d (integer). Where d = outer diameter of wires, cables, liquid and gas hoses.
  3. Determine the bending radius of the drag chain with the support plate type according to the functional requirements of the drag chain: 3.1 When the size of the pipe joint of the umbilical cable is larger than the diameter of the inner cavity of the support plate or needs to be disassembled and  maintained frequently, the separate type support plate can be selected; 3.3 When the towline needs to carry a large load of pipes and cables, the high-strength supporting plate type monolithic type should be selected; 3.4 When there are many specifications and varieties of umbilicals, a frame-type support plate can be used.
  4. The use of the drag chain of the machine tool is restricted by the conditions or affected by the environment, and the steel belt protection support plate is required.
  5. Determine the width b1 of the support plate according to the number of installed umbilicals, so as to know the width B of the drag chain.

Purpose of steel roller chain:

  1. The steel roller chain is suitable for use in reciprocating motions, and can pull and protect the built-in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, etc.
  2. Each section of the steel roller chain can be opened for easy installation and maintenance. Low noise, wear-resistant and high-speed movement during movement.
  3. Steel roller chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, manipulators, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouses, etc.

The transmission roller china could be classified as short pitch roller chain for transmission, double pitch roller chain for transmission, sleeve chain for transmission, curved plate roller chain for heavy load transmission, toothed chain for transmission, stepless variable speed chain, long pitch conveyor chain, short-pitch roller conveyor chain, double-pitch roller conveyor chain, double-speed conveyor chain etc.


In order to supply high premium quality, GJP control to produce our roller chain as per the belowing quality level:

  1. The minimum tensile strength of the chain is 5.0KN;
  2. Under normal measurement conditions, the relative twist angle of the two ends of the conveyor chain is not bigger than 9 ° / 3M;
  3. The chain hinge requires flexibility, and the roller can move freely within 360 °;
  4. The two ends of the pin are riveted firmly and evenly, the riveting angle is 125 ° -135 °, and the size of the riveting head is ≥2.4;
  5. The chain should be pre-stretched; the package should be cleaned and packed with 903 grease to prevent rust;
  6. Minimum dynamic load strength of the chain is 820N.

GJP Premium Industry Transmission Roller Chain RS50-1 with Single Pitch Attachment In Conveyor Field

Technical Data

Item No.: RS50-1

Sleeve & Roller Material: #10 Steel, Hardness with HR15N79.3-86

Pin Material: 20CrMnMo Steel, Hardness with HR15N79.3-86

Link Material: 40Mn, Hardness with HRC42 to 50

Type: Conveyor Roller Chain

Quality Control: Under ISO: 9001: 2008 Certificate

Package: 1*1 poly bag+1*1box box+ outer carton+Composite Wooden Pallet 


What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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