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Adjustable Plate With Tensioner UC-NPTH205 Bearing Unit

Adjustable Plate With Tensioner UC-NPTH205 Bearing Unit

GJP produce this item with one screw shaft adjustable with 2 nuts on the shaft, and four mounting bolts on two ends of this take up units, together with one extended inner race ball bearing as a slider

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Product Details

GJP produce UC-NPTH205 with one M14 size screw bolt and mounted with 2 nuts on the bolt to adjust the slider, this bolt is high strenghth feature to make sure the smooth horizental movement or vertical shift, and on two ends of this take up units, there design four bolts hole to tighten this unit to the according conveyor machine, meanwhile it includes one extended inner race ball bearing as a slider, and it’s aligning.

GJP specializes in the production of adjustable plate with tensioner bearing unit, we have many years of export experience and are one of the experts in this industry. You are welcome to come to consult.


GJP product performance:

  1. The surface of the product is electrophoresed or phosphated,  with good corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, and the surface is bright and clean,normally black color or grey color.
  2. It is suitable for any place where the tightness or the position of the transmission machinery needs to be adjusted.
  3. It is suitable for equipment, assembly line, conveying system, roller adjustment.
  4. The installation is very convenient, saving 70% of the installation cost than the traditional installation method.
  5. The high-quality stamped steel is stretched and formed after one-piece bending, with good rigidity and high strength.
  6. The product is exquisite and beautiful, occupied less space, which improve and the grade of response equipment that assemble this unit.


Please see the belowing our drawing on this products:

Adjustable Plate With Tensioner UC-NPTH205 Bearing Unit

Please kindly see the belowing for the packing information on this products, which shows that we could mounted this tensioner plate with SB seires bearing, SA series bearing, UC series bearing and also stainless steel SUS440C material bearing insert:

Adjustable Plate With Tensioner UC-NPTH205 Bearing Unit


GJP normally pack this type of products with one plain poly bag, then a Anti-collision bag, then put them into the paper carton, then wooden pallet, and about the marking, we only accept to mark neutral brand, our own GJP brand or customers’ own registered brand, but GJP need customer’s authorization to use this brand and charify whether this brand is registered by customers, this marking would be laser marking on the press steel plate, which would be equally spaced with the item number.


What is 7+4?

What is 7+4?

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