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70mm cast iron pillow block bearing

70mm cast iron pillow block bearing

cast iron pillow block bearing is a kind of bearing with a wide range of uses. Pillow block bearing is an important part of many machines and equipment. The hole diameter of this UCPX14-44 pillow block bearing is 70mm, 2.75inch. Suitable for machinery and equipment with poor working environment. Due to its sealing characteristics, it is guaranteed that dust, etc. will not enter the inside of the bearing, thereby affecting the work. There are also special holes for lubricating oil. You can choose the appropriate bearing according to your application needs and size requirements. The bearings we produce can be replaced with all brand bearings.

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Product Details

1. What is a pillow block bearing?

Pillow bearings are a type of housed bearing because of the cast iron housing, sometimes called a pillow block, which is a type of bearing used to support a rotating shaft. These bearings are usually mounted on a surface with a set of bolts and are used to reduce friction and wear on the shaft. The pillow block bearing can be installed very well due to the two vertical design.

1.1 How do pillow block bearings work?

A pillow block bearing is a bearing used to support a rotating shaft, this type of pillow block bearing with a bore diameter of 70mm consists of two parts: the bearing itself and the housing. The bearing is a cylindrical metal piece that sits inside the housing and rotates on an axis. The housing is the cylindrical piece of metal that surrounds the bearing and holds it in place. The bearing housing is made of cast iron.

1.2 What are the benefits of pillow block bearings?

Pillow bearings are a type of bearing used to support a rotating shaft. These bearings are typically used in applications where the shaft is subject to a lot of wear, so they work well on agricultural equipment, textile machinery, etc. There are several benefits to using housed bearings, including:
– Greater stability: The bearings are mounted on the base, which provides greater stability and prevents the shaft from moving.
– Increased load capacity: This bearing can withstand a greater load than other types of bearings.
– Reduced Vibration: The bearing reduces the amount of vibration transmitted to the shaft.

1.3 What types of bearings are there?

We also have other bearings in the UCPX series and there are many different types of pillow support bearings, all of which are designed for different purposes. Some of the more common types include radial ball bearings, angular contact bearings, and double row bearings. Our pillow block bearings comply with international standards and can be perfectly replaced with other brands, UCP, UCPX, etc. All series each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is very important to choose the correct one for your application. You can also choose according to your ideas.

1.4 How to choose a suitable pillow block bearing?

If you are in the market for pillow block bearings, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important thing is to choose the right size. The pillow block bearing should be a tight fit with the shaft it sits on. You also need to make sure that the type of bearing is right for your application. Pillow bearings are mainly divided into three types: plug-in type, split type and flush type. Choose the type that best suits your needs.

Design drawing of pillow block bearing

design pillow block bearing

1.5 Pillow block bearings of the UCPX series

pillow block ball bearing

2. How does the pillow block bearing work?

2.1 What is a pillow block bearing and how it works?

Mounted bearings are bearings that are usually used with in-line shafts. They are mounted on the machine frame or housing and support the shaft as it rotates. Bearing units work by using a series of seals and bearings to create a seal between the shaft and housing. This seal prevents contaminants from entering the bearing and causing damage.

2.2 Composition of pillow block bearing

A mounted bearing is a type of bearing used to support a rotating shaft. The bearing consists of a housing containing the bearing cartridge and a set of bearings mounted on the shaft. The housing is mounted on the surface and the shaft is inserted into the bearing. Bearings in pillow mount bearings are usually sealed, which helps keep contaminants out and prolongs the life of the bearing.

2.3 How to install the pillow block bearing

A pillow block bearing is a type of bearing used to mount a shaft in a fixed position. The shaft is mounted in a bearing, which is then mounted to a surface. There are several methods of installing pillow block bearings. One way is to use a mounting bracket. The brackets are bolted to the surface, and the bearings are then bolted to the brackets. Another way to install pillow block bearings is to use a set of adapters. The adapter is placed around the shaft and the bearing is placed on top of the adapter. The adapter holds the bearing in place while the screws are tightened.

2.4 Benefits of using pillow block bearings

Pillow bearings are a type of bearing used in many different applications. This type of bearing is known for its reliability and durability. It is also known for its ability to handle high loads.

70mm cast iron pillow block bearing


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What is 7+4?

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