GJP is a professional Pillow Block Bearing manufacturer in China

GJP is one of the professional pillow block bearing manufacturers in China, our factory has 15 years experience in producing pillow block bearings. Pillow block bearings are very popular in industrial applications because they are easy to install, and it is easy to install the bearing on the shaft because it has its own bearing seat, and the bearing seat has already sealed the bearing. In addition to pillow type, we can also manufacture flange mounted bearing units, slider type unit bearings, ring type unit bearings, and cantilever type unit bearings.

GJP Bearing.Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow Block Bearing is also called a seated outer spherical ball bearing. The Pillow Block Bearing assembly is a combination of bearings, bearing housings, and seals, etc., which are the main parts of the machine, and has been standardized to improve versatility.

Pillow Block Bearings


pillow block bearing

UCPX181 1683351494581 1

UCPX18 pillow block bearing

UCPX18 pillow block bearing is a volute bearing unit with base. It includes inner ring, outer ring, ball, seal and base and other components. The bearings have a 1.1/8″ ID, 4″ OD, and a base that measures 6.1/4″ x 5.1/8″. UCPX18 is widely used in bearing support structures in agriculture, mining, construction, processing and other fields.

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UCPX17521 1683267328912 1

UCPX17-52 pillow block bearing housing

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UCPX201 1683265716439 2

UCPX20 4 inch pillow block bearing

4-inch pillow block bearing refers to a kind of bearing used in mechanical equipment. The 4-inch measurement refers to the size of the bearing bore, or opening in the center of the shaft installation, which has a pillow-like housing that supports the bearing insert and facilitates installation and removal. This type of bearing is commonly used in conveyors, fans, pumps, and agricultural machinery. It is designed to provide reliable support and reduce friction, helping to extend the life of the equipment used.

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UCPX201 1683265716439

UCPX20 4 inch pillow block bearing

4-inch pillow block bearing refers to a kind of bearing used in mechanical equipment. The 4-inch measurement refers to the size of the bearing bore, or opening in the center of the shaft installation, which has a pillow-like housing that supports the bearing insert and facilitates installation and removal. This type of bearing is commonly used in conveyors, fans, pumps, and agricultural machinery. It is designed to provide reliable support and reduce friction, helping to extend the life of the equipment used.

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UCPX18561 1682661589540 2

UCPX18-56 pillow block flange bearing

Pillow block flange bearing produced by GJP is a bearing assembly that supports rotating equipment by being mounted on a shaft. The UCPX18-56 consists of a mechanical part called a “pillow” and a set of bearings that can be used to support a rotor or other rotating mechanical part. The mounting hole diameter is 90mm, which can be installed on the machine base and keep the bearing in the correct position. One side of the pillow block has a flat surface in which is mounted a base carrying the bearing and a cover in which the elastomeric seal is mounted. Bearings are mounted in holes in the base and then bolted to the pillow block.
UCPX18-56 Pillow block flange bearings are generally used in rotating applications including machine tools, excavators, conveyors, conveyors, rotating equipment, and more. Welcome Inquiry

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UCPX171 1682560007524 1

UCPX17 pillow block mounted ball bearing

UCPX17 pillow block mounted ball bearings consist of a ball bearing housed in a block mounted on a shaft or support structure. UCPX17 is a bearing commonly used in industrial machines and conveyor systems, the pillow blocks are designed to accommodate misalignment for easy installation and maintenance. Mounted ball bearings are used to support rotating shafts and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. UCPX series of pillow block ball bearings are commonly used in agricultural, automotive and construction applications. GJP is a professional bearing manufacturing factory, and we have a large stock of UCPX series bearings

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Features of Pillow Block Bearing produced by GJP

very solid
Pillow Block Bearings is the most common shape of all bearing housings. It has two bearing housings that extend out and can be fixed. The bearing housings are made of solid cast iron or cast steel. Such bearing housings are very stable and can adapt to many industrial equipment. Use the environment.
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Reasonable structure
The structure setting of the Pillow Block Bearings is very reasonable, which is composed of a bearing seat and a self-aligning roller bearing. Bearing caps can be removed quickly and easily without damaging the bearing or housing. And the bearing seat has already sealed the bearing, so it is very convenient to install, assemble and maintain.
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Centering function
The Pillow Block Bearings has the function of self-aligning when in use, but it does not need to open the inside of the bearing for lubrication, and the grease can be replenished through the grease nipple on the bearing seat. The entire pillow bearing has a double or triple structural sealing device, which can be used in various harsh environments.
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Application of Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow unit bearings are suitable for mechanical equipment types

Conveying device​ Pillow Block Bearings

Conveying device

There is a gap between the inner hole of the Pillow block bearings and the shaft, and the inner ring of the bearing is fixed on the shaft with a top screw, an eccentric sleeve or an adapter sleeve, and rotates with the shaft. Equipment device.

Mining metallurgical equipment​ Pillow Block Bearings

Mining, metallurgical equipment

The production environment of mining and metallurgy is relatively harsh, and ordinary bearings may break down after a short period of use. Pillow block bearings can be used very well due to the sealing device and the strong bearing housing.

Pulp and paper mills Pillow block bearings

Pulp and paper mills

The working environment of Pulp and paper mills is relatively poor, and there is a lot of dust. Pillow type bearing units have various structures, good versatility and interchangeability, and can be applied to factory equipment

Chemical industry Pillow Block Bearings

Chemical industry

The bearing is well sealed and suitable for simple support. It is a good solution to the problem of dipping in the chemical industry

Textile printing and dyeing Pillow Block Bearings

Textile, printing and dyeing

Pillow block bearings are high-precision, lubricating component products suitable for textile, printing and dyeing industries.

Agriculture Pillow block bearings

Agriculture machine

Pillow block bearings are compact and easy to load and disassemble, suitable for agricultural equipment.

6 advantages of bearing unit with housing

Bearing installation is simple

Outer spherical bearings and bearing housings make up Pillow Block Bearings with housings. There is no requirement to construct more bearing boxes once they are in use. They have a compact dimension and a straightforward design. They are simple to use and may be mounted with bolts directly on the primary engine's design components.

Good applicability

The bearing seat is a part of a larger, more robust construction with a high load capacity. The interchangeability of the bearing and bearing seat allows for the installation of the same bearing seat with various types of bearings and the same type of bearing with various types of bearing seats.

It has the function of centering

Pillow Block Bearings has an optimized geometric structure and surface treatment of the raceway to achieve the maximum load capacity and the longest service life. It can work when the two bearing seats are not on the same axis, and the maximum automatic adjustment angle can reach 2° .

Integrate many functional parts

In order to provide a clearance fit with the shaft, the inner diameter of the spherical insert bearing with a plummer block adopts a "+" tolerance. In order to relieve the stress on the shaft, the bearing is connected to the shaft by several jacking screws on the inner ring, eccentric sleeve or adapter sleeve.

Can work in harsh environment

Pillow Block Bearings often come pre-greased and with double-layer or triple-lip seals, making them appropriate for use in environments with a lot of dust, murky water, and corrosive media. This is advantageous to the host's ability to perform their duties.

Advantages of precision

Each Pillow Block Bearings housing unit comes with a high-tech, easily relubricatable spherical roller bearing with good rotational precision. The precision is not greatly affected by the temperature difference since the clearance is greater than that of deep groove ball bearings of the same size.

Why Choose GJP Pillow Block Bearings

1. GJP bearings are of high quality. The bearings we manufacture run at high speed, with low noise, impact resistance and long service life.

2. Prompt delivery, the company’s complete supply chain ensures that we can deliver on time.

3. Our bearing production line is complete and has many years of experience, so the price of our bearings is very competitive.

4. Provide OEM customization service, we can easily meet the requirements for non-standard bearings, and the bearings we manufacture can be replaced with various brands.

5. Provide professional technology and after-sales service after cooling. We are a factory integrating industry and trade. We can conveniently provide various services according to customer requirements and needs.

GJP bearing
What are the series of pillow block bearings?

What are the series of pillow block bearings?

GJP is a professional manufacturer of pillow block bearings, we produce flanged and plummer block bearings in different inch and metric sizes, because mounted bearings are mounted bearings, mounted bearings are designed to support shafts.

Features include mounting surfaces parallel to the shaft axis.

At present, the pillow block bearing series manufactured by our factory include UCP, UCF, UCFL, UCT, UCPH, UCPA, UCFA, UCFC series.

Manufacturing process of pillow block bearings


Turning production line

heat treatment equipment

Grinder production line

Pillow block bearing assembly workshop

Inspection workshop

Assembly, product cleaning and packaging

our bearings

4 Advantages of GJP pillow block bearings

GJP’s pillow bearing is one of the main core products, especially the UCPX series pillow bearing has been in a leading position.


Our factory has 15 years of bearing manufacturing experience, and the manufactured bearings are exported to dozens of countries around the world. Pillow block bearings have always been our core product.


Provide various series of pillow block bearings of different inch and metric sizes, 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 2inch, 3 inch pillow block bearing. And 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm pillow block bearing.


Provide bearing OEM/ODM service, competitive price and professional technical support. You are welcome to choose the bearing you need according to your application.


Because all of our bearings are exported to various countries, we can provide you with high-quality services and establish long-term cooperative relationships.Looking forward to cooperating with you

We supply various types of pillow block bearings.

Different housings for spherical insert bearings.

Pillow bearing obaleebag.comis a type of spherical bearing with seat, because it has a vertical seat (P), it is called pillow type spherical bearing with seat.

Bearings whose outer diameter is made into a spherical shape and then mounted on a bearing housing with a spherical inner hole are collectively called outer spherical bearings with housings.

In addition to pillow bearings, there are 4 Bolt Flange Bearings, 3 Bolt Flange Bearings, and 2 Bolt Flange Bearings with Square Seats (F), Round Seats, and Diamond Seats (FL). and Bearing Blocks with Slider Blocks (T) – Take Up Bearing, Blocks with Cantilever Blocks – Hanger Bearing, and Frame Blocks with Block Blocks – Take Up Bearing And Frame Assemblies.

Different housings for spherical insert bearings.

UCPX Series Pillow Block Bearings

UCPX Series Pillow Block Bearings

Frequently asked questions about pillow block bearings

Quickly help you choose the pillow type bearing unit you need, GJP is a reliable bearing manufacturer.

Yes, GJP is our brand and we are a manufacturing factory.

Mounted bearings are typically made from materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, and thermoplastics.

The load carrying capacity of mounted bearings will vary depending on the size and design of the bearing, but in general, they can accommodate both radial and axial loads.

Mounted bearings provide a simple and effective method of mounting and supporting rotating shafts while reducing vibration and noise.

Mounted bearings are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, food and beverage, mining and construction.

Firstly, according to the equipment to be used for bearings, different equipment will have different model requirements, you can search for different models, in addition, you should consider factors such as load capacity, shaft size, installation options and operating conditions.

The lead time for ordering mounted bearing units from a manufacturer may vary by manufacturer and order quantity, but typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks.

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