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Impact of bearing wear

Bearing wear is diverse. Their basic common feature is that they are limited to a local area, and the bearing wear zone always transitions gradually. The slightest and most normal bearing wear phenomenon is the wear-in bearing wear and the wear of the bearing, but it does not occur under extreme operating conditions. Ideally, it is concentrated in the main load zone and shows an improvement in surface quality. Chuan Zhao's edge was tilted due to concave necking or bending under load, resulting in bearing grooves on the bearing edges. Journal tilting results in unilateral contact, and in extreme cases a bearing wear zone will be formed at diagonal positions in the main load plane. Local geometric errors can be used as bearing wear areas where the user is concentrated.

Due to short-term acceleration and lack of oil, friction marks may appear, which is a sign of local bearing wear. This kind of bearing wear process is equivalent to normal bearing wear during the running-in period. But at the exit, the soft antifriction layer above Nepal was strongly removed.

Fatigue bearing wear always manifests itself as a typical bearing wear shoe that gradually transitions along the running direction towards both ends in the main bearing area after a considerable period of running time. At this time, the entire anti-friction layer may be worn out. As the operation continues, in the harder middle layer, the journal loses chamber loss and the temperature rises rapidly. Draining increases the risk of biting.

Under extreme prerequisites or working conditions, due to the 7f related to it, various waterlogging phenomena will rapidly intensify and lead to bite sticking. The scope of damage quickly expanded to reach the entire bearing; welding with the meal neck occurred, and some materials were pulled off and grooves were marked on the bearing. Following this development, bearing and unique overheating phenomenon. This result is only possible in the biting seconds period.

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