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What are the uses of different bearings.

1、Deep groove ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearings are simple in structure and easy to use, and are the largest production volume and the most widely used type of bearings. It is mainly used to bear radial load, and can also bear certain axial load. When the radial clearance of the bearing is increased, has the function of angular contact bearing, can withstand larger axial load.

2、Spherical ball bearing
Spherical ball bearing has two rows just seeking, inner ring has two raceways, outer ring raceway for the inner spherical shape, has the performance of automatic centering. It can automatically compensate for the coaxiality error due to the shaft rapture and shell deformation, and is suitable for the parts in which the support seat hole cannot guarantee strict coaxiality. The bearing mainly bear radial load, in bearing radial load at the same time, can also bear a small amount of axial load, usually not used to bear pure axial load, such as bearing pure axial load, only a row of rigid ball force.

3、Angular contact ball bearing
Angular contact ball bearing limit speed is high, can simultaneously withstand the load and axial load, can also withstand pure axial load, its axial load capacity by the contact angle decision, and with the contact angle increases and increases.

4、Cylindrical roller bearings
The roller of cylindrical roller bearing is usually guided by two retaining edges of a bearing collar, keep frame. Rollers and guide ring composition of a combination, can be separated from another bearing collar, belong to the separable bearing. This kind of bearing installation, disassembly is more convenient, especially when the requirements of the inner. Outer ring and shaft. Shell are interference fit when more show advantages.
Such bearings are generally used only to bear radial load, only the inner. Outer ring are with the edge of the single bearing can withstand a smaller constant axial load or a larger intermittent axial load.

5、Spherical roller bearings
Spherical roller bearing sentence has two rows of rollers, mainly used to bear radial load, but also can withstand any direction of the axial load. This kind of bearing radial load capacity is high, especially suitable for heavy load or vibration load work, but can not bear pure axial load; Spherical performance is good, can compensate for the same bearing error.

6、Tapered roller bearings
Tapered roller bearings are mainly suitable for bearing radial load mainly radial and axial combined load, and large taper angle tapered roller bearings can be used to bear axial load mainly diameter, axial combined load. This kind of bearing is separated bearing, its inner ring (including tapered roller and cage) and outer ring can be installed separately. In the process of installation and use can adjust the bearing of the warp clearance and axial clearance, can also be pre-load installation.

7、Thrust ball bearing
Thrust ball bearing is a kind of separation type bearing, shaft ring 'seat ring can be separated from the cage ` just ball components. Shaft circle is a collar with the shaft, sitting circle is a collar with the bearing seat hole, and shaft clearance between.
Thrust ball bearing can only pump hand axial load, one-way thrust ball bearing can only withstand a room axial load, two-way thrust ball bearing can withstand two directions of axial load.
Thrust ball bearing can not limit the axis of the warp for the shift, the limit speed is very low. Single direction thrust ball bearing can limit the axial displacement of the shaft and shell of a direction, two-way bearing can limit the axial displacement of two directions.

8、Thrust roller bearing
Thrust spherical roller bearings are used to bear axial load mainly shaft. Combined load in the direction of the warp, but the warp load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this bearing friction factor is lower, higher speed, and has the ability to adjust the heart. 29000 type bearing roller for asymmetric spherical roller, can reduce the stick and raceway in the work of relative sliding, and roller long. Diameter is large, the number of rollers load capacity is large, usually using oil lubrication, individual low-speed case available grease lubrication. In the design of the selection, should be preferred.

9、Needle roller bearings
Needle roller bearings are equipped with thin and long rollers (roller length for the diameter of 3 to 10 times, the diameter is generally not more than 5mm), so the radial structure is compact, its inner diameter size and load capacity and other types of bearings of the same, the outer diameter of the smallest, especially suitable for radial installation size restrictions on the support structure. According to the use of different occasions, can choose no inner ring bearings or needle roller and cage assembly, then with the bearing with the journal surface and shell hole surface directly as the bearing of the inner. The outer rolling surface, in order to maintain the load capacity and running performance and have the same ring bearing, shaft or shell hole raceway surface hardness. Machining accuracy and surface and surface quality should be similar to the bearing collar raceway. This kind of bearing can only bear radial load.

10、Spherical ball bearing with housing
The outer spherical ball bearing with seat is composed of outer spherical ball bearing with seal on both sides and cast (or steel plate stamping) bearing seat. The internal structure of outer spherical ball bearings is the same as deep groove ball bearings, but the inner ring of such bearings is wider than the outer ring. The outer ring has a truncated spherical outer surface, and the concave spherical surface of the bearing housing can be automatically aligned. Usually there is a clearance between the inner hole and the shaft, and the inner ring is fixed on the shaft with the top wire, eccentric sleeve or clamping sleeve, and rotates with the shaft. Compact structure, easy to load and unload, perfect seal, suitable for simple support, commonly used in mining. Metallurgy. Agriculture. Chemical industry. Textile. Printing and dyeing. Conveying machinery, etc.

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