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What Are The Types Of Spherical Bearing Housing?

What are the types of spherical bearing housing? I believe everyone knows that there are many types of spherical bearings, but how many are there?


First of all, according to the shape of the bearing seat, this is also the most direct and simple: a spherical bearing housing is a bearing unit that combines a rolling bearing with a bearing seat. Most of the spherical bearing housings are made of spherical outer diameter and installed together with a bearing seat with a spherical inner hole. They have various structural forms and good versatility and interchangeability. At the same time, this type of bearing also has a certain self-alignment in design, is easy to install, and has a double-structured sealing device, which can work in harsh environments. The bearing seat is generally cast. Commonly used seats include vertical seat (P), square seat (F), boss square seat (FS), boss circular seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), annular seat (C), slider seat( T), etc.


Types of spherical bearing housing?

The spherical bearing housing is divided into the bearing center and bearing seat. In the name, it is called the bearing center plus the bearing seat. For example, the spherical bearing housing with set screw UC205 with vertical seat is called UCP205. Due to the strong interchangeability of the outer spherical bearing with a seat, the bearing center can be freely assembled in the bearing seat of the same specification and different shapes.

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According to the shape of the seat, it can be divided into the spherical ball bearing with a vertical seat, spherical ball bearing with a square seat, spherical ball bearing with a diamond seat, spherical ball bearing with boss circular seat, spherical ball bearing with annular seat, spherical ball bearing with slider seat, spherical ball bearing with suspension seat, spherical ball bearing with suspension seat, spherical ball bearing with adjustable diamond seat, spherical ball bearing with stamping seat, spherical ball bearings with other seats and so on.

Then, the outer spherical ball bearings can be divided into three categories according to the method of cooperation with the shaft.


Spherical ball bearing with the top wire

  1. The spherical bearing housing with top wire is codenamed: UC200 series (light series), UC300 series (heavy series), and deformed product UB(SB)200 series. If the application environment is less suitable, the UC200 series is usually selected, otherwise, then choose the UC300 series. Usually, two top wires are on the outer spherical ball bearing, and the included angle is 120°. Environmental demands must oscillate on a small scale. This kind of outer spherical ball bearing is relatively common and widely used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery, and other manufacturing industries.


Tapered spherical bearing housing

  1. Tapered spherical bearing housing Its code name is UK200 series, UK300 series. The inner diameter of this type of outer spherical ball bearing is 1: 12 proportion of the taper inner hole, which should be used in cooperation with the adapter sleeve. load. Because the inner diameter of the same type of adapter sleeve is smaller than that of the spherical ball bearing with top wire, for example, the inner diameter of the spherical ball bearing with top wire UC209 is 45mm, and the diameter of the shaft used with it is 45mm, and if If you change to a tapered outer spherical ball bearing, you can only choose an adapter sleeve with an inner diameter of 45mm, and the tapered outer spherical ball bearing that cooperates with a 45mm adapter sleeve is only UK210 (of course, if the fit is higher, you can choose UK310). Therefore, the fit accepted by UK210 should be much larger than that of UC209.

angular contact ball bearings

 spherical bearing housing with eccentric sleeve

  1. Outer spherical ball bearing with eccentric sleeve Its code is: UEL200 series, UEL300 series, SA200 series. The main feature of this type of outer spherical ball bearing is that the upper end of the bearing has a certain degree of eccentricity, and an eccentric sleeve with the same degree of eccentricity cooperates with it. This type of bearing can also be said to be a special bearing because it is mainly used in agricultural machinery (harvesters, straw returning machines, threshers, etc.), such outer spherical ball bearings are mainly used in structures with strong beating and eccentricity. The cooperation of the layout can effectively reduce the strong jump.


The above is a detailed introduction of the types of outer spherical bearings, I hope to be helpful to everyone. There are many types of outer spherical bearings, and you need to observe more to see which one is suitable for you.


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