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What Are The Characteristics Of Bearing Materials?

1.Contact fatigue strength

Under the action of the cyclic load, the bearing is prone to fatigue damage due to contact with the surface, that is, cracking and flaking, which will greatly affect the service life of the bearing. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the bearing, the bearing steel must have high contact fatigue strength.

2.Abrasion resistance

When the bearing completes the task, not only rolling friction occurs between the ferrule, rolling body, and cage, but also sliding friction, which causes the bearing parts to wear continuously. In order to reduce the wear of bearing parts, maintain the accuracy and stability of bearings, and extend the service life, bearing steel should have good wear resistance.


Hardness is one of the important indexes for evaluating bearing quality, and it has an indirect effect on contact fatigue strength, wear resistance and elastic limit. The hardness of the bearing steel under service conditions should individually reach HRC61 ~ 65. Higher hardness can make the bearing achieve higher contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.

4.Anti-rust performance

In order to prevent bearing parts and finished products from being rusted and rusted during processing, storage and use, bearing steel should have good anti-rust properties.

5.Processing performance

During the processing of bearing parts, there are many cold and hot working processes. In order to meet the requirements of small amount, high efficiency and high quality, bearing steel should have good processability. For example, cold and hot forming properties, cutting performance, hardenability, etc.

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