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Comprendre les avantages et les inconvénients des paliers à bride

Flange bearing are made of two parallel surfaces, usually connected with a central nut. They are used in applications where an increased load carrying capacity is needed, and for applications that require internal lubrication, such as engines. The advantages and disadvantages of flange bearings depend on the application and environment.


  • Increase Load Carrying Capacity: Compared to typical bearings such as roller or ball bearings, flange bearings can support significantly more load in the same area due to their increased contact area and support structure.
  • Adjustable Bearing: Flange bearings can be adjusted on the fly to reduce contact stress and friction by varying the preload and size of the bearing.
  • Durabilité: Flange bearings are generally composed of high-strength rubber-like material to prevent damage to the bearing from extreme temperatures and heavy loads.
  • Facile à installer: Flange bearings are relatively easy to install owing to their simple structure and adjustable nature.


  • Limited Range of Motion: Flange bearings are generally limited in terms of range of motion as they must be tightened to a certain extent for optimal performance.
  • Noise: Flange bearings may produce noise due to the contact between the flanges and the mating surfaces.
  • Cannot Be Reused: Flange bearings must be replaced once they wear out as they cannot be reused.
  • Coût: Flange bearings tend to be more expensive than other bearing types owing to their increased size and strength.


Flange bearings have a range of advantages and disadvantages and must be carefully considered before use. On one hand, they can increase load carrying capacity and are easy to install, but on the other hand, they may produce noise and be costly to replace once they wear out. By understanding all the pros and cons of flange bearings, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not they are the right choice for your application.

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