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Tolerance of tapered roller bearings

Equivalent dynamic load

P = Fr KN] When Fa / Fr≤e

P = 0.4Fr + YFa [KN] when Fa / Fr> e

When single-row tapered roller bearings are used in pairs (the basic external dimensions can be different), when calculating the equivalent dynamic load of the bearing, the additional axial force caused by the radial load must be taken into account. The additional axial force S of a single-row tapered roller bearing can be approximated by the following formula: S = Fr / 2Y

Equivalent static load

Single row tapered roller bearing

P0 = 0.5Fr + Y0Fa KN]

If P0 <Fr then take P0 = Fr

Double and four-row tapered roller bearings

P = 0Fr + Y1Fa [KN] When Fa / Fr≤e

P = 0.67Fr + Y2Fa [KN] When Fa / Fr> e

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