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Talking About The Characteristics Of Split Pillow Block Bearing

Split pillow block bearing is a new generation of bearing solutions. Compared with the ordinary integral bearing seat, its internal cylindrical roller bearing is a “two-half” structure, and at the same time, a “two-half” bearing box is added between the bearing and the bearing seat, and the sealing effect is better. split pillow block bearings are suitable for applications where bearing installation and removal is limited. It uses radial installation and removal, eliminating the need to disconnect and remove components around the bearing, such as motors, gearboxes and couplings, greatly reducing downtime for bearing maintenance and overhaul. High performance and a variety of sealing options provide tight protection for the healthy operation of the bearing. The unique design of the cylindrical roller bearing inner core and outer spherical bearing housing ensures that it takes into account the self-aligning function and excellent axial floating capacity.

Through the use of split pillow block bearing, the service life of the roller can be greatly improved, bringing considerable savings in operating costs.

First, the installation cost is greatly reduced. The cover and base of a split pillow block bearing can be separated. Compared with a one-piece bearing block, this installation method does not require heating of the bearing. The main benefit is that the equipment is easy to install, debug and maintain, installation is faster and simpler, and the cost of dismantling and replacing adjacent components is eliminated.

Second, the design is very reasonably compact. Equipped with split pillow block bearing, the drum will not be stuck under harsh conditions. During the high-speed operation of the drum, they can withstand repeated impact and vibration performance, which is very suitable for environmental requirements. Widely used in various environments.

35mm pillow block bearing

Finally, drum maintenance costs are reduced. The rollers using split pillow block bearings are more convenient for comprehensive inspection, and their maintenance efficiency is extremely high. Although the initial investment cost is high, from the perspective of life cycle, the operational efficiency and profitability of coal conveying lines and bearings can be significantly improved.

The split pillow block bearing should pay attention to four points during maintenance

Split pillow block bearing is a carrier for connecting bearings, and its main function is to play a certain fixed connection role. In daily life, it needs good maintenance and maintenance to be able to play its role better. So, what related matters should be paid attention to in maintenance and maintenance? The following is a brief introduction to it. 

  1. What should be considered in the process of bearing maintenance and maintenance is the maintenance of the bearing cooling function. Under normal circumstances, if the split pillow block bearing is used under the effect of normal cooling water, it will effectively prolong the life and improve work efficiency.
  2. It should be preheated to a certain extent during use to avoid cracks during work.
  3. A treatment on the parting surface of the split pillow block bearing.
  4. Be sure not to make the signal line of the split pillow block bearing come into contact with the die-casting machine during work. Once contacted, the danger will be great.

Due to the small size and compact structure of the split bearing, when some mechanical equipment has special working conditions, the installation position is limited and the equipment itself is limited, which makes it impossible to assemble or the space is small. The split bearing can be directly installed. There is no need to disassemble the circular shaft and other components used in conjunction with the original bearing, which will save installation time and reduce costs. In view of this kind of bearing with excellent performance, now I will introduce the three major characteristics of the bearing and its corresponding lubrication principle in detail, hoping to help everyone.   

customized pillow block bearing

1. Segmentation

All components of the bearing are in split form. This feature brings great convenience to the installation and maintenance of the bearing, greatly prolongs the working time of the equipment, reduces the downtime, and brings considerable economic benefits to users.

2. Adjust your heart

2.5 degree alignment can be achieved in any direction. This feature brings convenience to the installation of related components and also protects the bearing.

3. Dynamic sealing

The dynamic sealing effect of shaft, bearing and seal is realized. This feature ensures the cleanliness of the inner space of the bearing. Greatly improve the service life of the bearing.

Lubrication principle of split pillow block bearing

There are roughly three processes in the formation of this split bearing lubrication. When the shaft is stationary, it is in the lowest position due to its own weight, the lubricating oil is squeezed out by the journal, and a wedge-shaped oil gap is formed between the bearing and the side of the journal. When the journal rotates, the oil layer rotates with the shaft due to the adhesion of the oil’s viscosity on the metal surface. When the oil layer passes through the wedge-shaped oil gap, the pressure on the shaft will lift the shaft upward due to the extrusion of the molecules and their own kinetic energy. When a certain speed is reached, the pressure of the oil on the shaft increases, and the shaft and the bearing surface are completely separated by the oil film, thus forming hydrodynamic lubrication.

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