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Une minute pour vous aider à comprendre le roulement à bride de bloc d'oreiller

A spherical roulement à bride de bloc d'oreiller is a kind of bearing unit that combines a rolling bearing and a bearing seat. It has various structural forms, good versatility and interchangeability, and this type of bearing has a certain self-alignment in design and is easy to install. The sealing device with double structure can work normally even in harsh environments, and it can be seen on many occasions. Now let’s talk about the advantages and selection principles of pillow block bearing.

Features of pillow block flange bearings:

  1. Self-aligning function;
  2. Large load capacity;
  3. Longue durée de vie ;
  4. Good sealing performance;
  5. Stronger structure;
  6. Easy to install;
  7. Unique in design.

Selection principle of pillow block flange bearing:

The correct selection of the pillow block bearing is a very important link to ensure the performance of the bearing and achieve the normal operation of the main engine. From a variety of bearings and housings, the following factors should be considered when selecting a suitable bearing housing that meets the requirements of the main engine.

The structure of the machine itself has requirements for support;

  1. The space of the installation site and the size of the shaft;
  2. The load on the bearing (size, direction, nature);
  3. Exigences de durée de vie et de fiabilité des roulements ;
  4. Vitesse de travail (haute et basse, avant et arrière);
  5. La nature concordante et le mode de fixation du roulement et du vilebrequin ;
  6. Support position, configuration and size of axial expansion and contraction;
  7. The matching nature of the bearing and the bearing seat;
  8. Ambient temperature requirements (high temperature, low temperature);
  9. Requirements for surrounding media, dust-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, etc.;
  10. L'importance de la relubrification ;
  11. Exigences relatives au bruit et aux vibrations ;
  12. Strength requirements of bearing housing.
roulement à bride de bloc d'oreiller

Bearings are one of the key components of mechanical equipment. Any defect in the bearing can cause equipment failure or even serious accidents. One of the important factors in ensuring the normal operation and long service life of the bearing is to ensure that the bearing has good lubrication. The purpose of lubricating the bearing with oil is to reduce the internal friction and wear of the bearing and prevent it from sticking. Its lubricating effect is as follows:

1. Reduce friction and wear

In the mutual contact parts of the rings, rolling elements and cages that constitute the bearing, metal contact is prevented, and friction and wear are reduced.

2. Extend fatigue life

The rolling fatigue life of the bearing is prolonged when the rolling contact surface is well lubricated during rotation; on the contrary, when the oil viscosity is low and the lubricating film thickness is not good, it is shortened.

3. Discharge friction heat and cooling

The oil circulation method, etc., can use oil to discharge heat generated by friction or heat from the outside, and cool it. Prevent the bearing from overheating and prevent the aging of the lubricating oil itself.

4. Other

It also has the effect of preventing foreign matter from entering the inside of the bearing, or preventing rust and corrosion.

What are the lubrication methods for the pillow block flange bearing?

  • Lubrication by oil drip

Drip lubrication is suitable for bearing components that require a quantitative supply of lubricating oil. Excessive oil volume will cause the temperature of the housed bearing to increase.

  • Circulating Oil Lubrication

The filtered oil is delivered to the bearing unit with the oil pump, and the lubricating oil after passing through the bearing is filtered and cooled before use. Since the circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat and cool the pillow block flange bearing, this method is suitable for the pillow block bearing at a high speed.

roulement à bride de bloc d'oreiller
  • Oil bath lubrication

Oil bath lubrication is the most common lubrication method. It is suitable for the lubrication of low and medium-speed pillow block flange bearings. A part of the pillow block flange bearing is immersed in the groove, and the lubricating oil is picked up by the rotating pillow block bearing and then flows back to the oil tank. The surface should be slightly lower than the center of the lowest rolling element.

  • Jet Lubrication

Use the oil pump to inject high-pressure oil into the pillow block flange bearing through a nozzle, and the other end of the pillow block bearing that is injected into the pillow block flange bearing flows into the oil tank. When the pillow block bearing rotates at a high speed, the rolling elements and the cage also make the surrounding airflow at a relatively high rotation speed. It is difficult to send the lubricating oil to the pillow block bearing by the general lubrication method. The amount of lubricating oil sprayed into the pillow block flange bearing is generally one drop every 3–8 seconds, and the position of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the center of the cage.

  • Spray lubrication

The dry compressed air is mixed with the lubricating oil through the sprayer to form an oil mist, and the airflow can effectively cool the pillow block flange bearing and prevent the intrusion of impurities into the pillow block flange bearing. This method is suitable for the lubrication of high-speed and high-temperature bearing parts with seats.

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