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Installation Points for Split Plummer Block Housings

Split plummer block housings have a separable upper cover and base and mainly bear radial load. They are suitable for spherical roller bearings and spherical ball bearings with cylindrical and tapered holes. This kind of bearing housing is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, conveying systems, environmental protection equipment, and so on.

Split plummer block housings are designed and produced on the basis of integral bearings through a special process. The working resistance is small, the operation is stable, and the working temperature can reach 180 degrees Celsius. Because the split bearing has a special process design compared to other bearings, it is especially suitable for places with low speed, heavy load, high impact force, and poor sealing performance. Its biggest advantage is that the bearing can be easily installed and disassembled, which can save a lot of time and reduce production costs.

Split plummer block housings are suitable for use in all industrial fields, mainly in converter supports, for various large conveying equipment, caster roll supports, elevators and conveyors, paper machinery, and other difficult to unload places.

The split plummer block housings unit includes cylindrical roller bearings, bearing housings, bracket housings and some coupling parts. Bearings, bearing housings, and bracket housings are axially spaced 180° apart for easy installation and removal. It is precisely because of the installation and disassembly of the split bearing that the disassembly time can be effectively saved, the production cost can be reduced, and the production efficiency can be improved. However, some points need to be paid attention to when installing split bearings.

1 inch pillow block bearing

Installation points for split plummer block housings:

Point 1. Installation of bearing seat: When installing the split bearing, bearing seat, and bearing cover, the back of the bearing bush and the hole of the bearing box should be in close contact. If platform requirements are not met, the housing bore should be used as a reference. The back of the bearing bush should be scratched and the split surface of the bearing should be 0.05–0.1mm higher than the split surface of the housing.

Point 2. The contact area between the rear of the bearing and the bearing seat: the upper brick is not less than 40, and the lower brick is not less than 50. The contact area is required to be uniform, and there is no gap between the two. lower tile bottom and sidesWhen the bearing bushing is under high pressure, it can cause rapid wear. The point of contact between the bearing pad and the housing should be 1 to 2 points/cm2. Too little can lead to increased wear, deformation, and cracking of the bearing pads.

Point 3. Installation of bearing and journal: When installing the bearing, attention must be paid to the contact angle and contact point between the bushing and the journal. The central angle corresponding to the contact surface between the bearing pad and the journal is called the contact angle. If the angle is too large, it will affect the formation of the lubricating oil film, destroy the lubrication effect, and cause the bearing pad to wear quickly.

Point 4. Please pay attention to the adjustment of bearing clearance when installing, which can be optimized according to equipment load, speed and oil viscosity.

The structure of split plummer block housings is very special, and it is widely used. The most important thing is that it is easy to install, so it can replace the use of traditional bearings and is easier to detect than conventional bearings.

There are many users who find that the split bearing is inflexible when using split plummer block housings. What’s going on? We need to analyze the situation on a case-by-case basis to find the best solution. The inflexibility of split plummer block housings is mainly reflected in three situations. The following introduces three phenomena of inflexible operation of split plummer block housings and the methods that need to be solved for different situations.

Newly assembled rotary split bearing products do not run smoothly

① Check the production date of split plummer block housings. If the time is long and the climate is cold, it is possible that the viscosity of the grease in the raceway will be too large and the operation will not work well, which is more prominent in winter in cold regions.

② The solution for the idling of the newly assembled slewing split bearing product is not smooth: if it can run and there is no other abnormality after adding force, it can be used normally. If it is accompanied by abnormal noise, check whether there is any serious injury during transportation.

split plummer block housings

Split bearing does not run flexibly after reassembly

① Exclude whether the axial clearance of the split plummer block housings after installation cannot compensate for the deformation of the split bearing because the mounting surface of the main engine is not well matched with the mounting surface of the split bearing. The split bearing is in a state of negative clearance, and the rolling elements are difficult to run in the raceway (sometimes accompanied by abnormal noise); the large and small gears are poorly meshed, or there are foreign objects stuck in the large and small gears.

② Remedy for inflexible operation of split bearings after reassembly.

(1) Reprocess the installation plane of the host to make the installation plane meet the requirements; or use the gasket enrichment method.

(2) Readjust the meshing backlash of the large and small gears according to the requirements, especially pay attention to the position of the gear runout.

(3) Check to make sure that there is no foreign matter in the meshing position of the large and small gears.

(4) Replace a split bearing with a slightly larger clearance.

Split plummer block housings are inflexible during use

① Lack of grease, fill it up as required.

② The sealing strip is damaged, causing foreign objects to enter the raceway (such as poor working conditions, dust intrusion into the raceway, etc.).

③ Check the meshing condition of the large and small gears for foreign objects or broken teeth.

Things to keep in mind when choosing split plummer block housings.

Of course, when we buy split plummer block housings, we also need to know some selection skills, so that we can get more suitable bearings and make the mechanical equipment work better.

  1. Choose according to the fixed load, because the fixed load has the characteristic that the synthetic radial load vector and the ferrule are relatively static.
  2. Select the split bearing according to the number of rotating loads, because the rotating load has the characteristic of the synthetic radial load vector rotating relative to the ring.
  3. Choose according to the swing load and indefinite load of the split bearing. Swing load refers to the resultant load that the rotating load is much smaller than the fixed load. The swing load means that the load on some ferrules may sometimes be a rotating load, sometimes a fixed load, and sometimes a swing load.

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