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How to Choose Better Inch Miniature Bearing

Inch miniature bearings are bearings that have a smaller outer diameter than their fixed values. For the public series, a bearing with a diameter of less than 9 mm is called an “inch miniature bearing,” and in the British series, the “inch miniature bearing” refers to the bearing with a diameter of less than 9.525 mm. The main materials for miniature bearings are carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramics, etc. Among them, the minimum inner diameter can be 0.6 mm, and the inner diameter is generally 1 mm. Among the inch miniature bearings with ultra-small pores, the types of miniature deep groove ball bearings include the 68 series, the 69 series, the 60 series, etc. There are six types of British R series. On this basis, it can also be divided into a shaft series with a ZZ steel plate dust cover, a RS rubber sealing circle miniature bearing series, a Tiffon Dragon Bearing Sealing Circle Series, and a French gear series. Inch miniature bearing is suitable for high speed and low noise in various types of industrial equipment and small-scale rotary motors, such as micromotors, instrument instruments, small watches, soft drives, computer heat sink fans, money-order machines, fax machines, and other related fields.

The inch miniature bearing is too fine; if it is not used properly, it will fail. About 40% of the failure of a ball inch miniature bearing is caused by the pollution and corrosion of dust, dirt, and debris. Pollution is usually caused by incorrect use and poor use environments, and it also causes torque and noise. The inch miniature bearing failure caused by environmental and industrial pollution can be prevented, and simple naked eye observation can determine the cause of such failure. As long as it is used and installed reasonably, the erosion of Inch miniature bearing is easy to avoid. The erosion is characterized by the indentation caused by an impact load or incorrect installation on the miniature bearing ring. Extracting is usually necessary when the load exceeds the material yield limit. If the installation is incorrect, it will cause a load to cross the miniature bearing ring. The pits on the miniature bearing ring will also produce noise, vibration, and additional torque.

ceramic hybrid deep groove ball bearing

The important performance of inch miniature bearing in equipment machinery

The bearing is responsible for whether the equipment is operating normally and plays a critical role in machinery. At present, industrial technology is becoming more and more advanced, the equipment and machinery institutions are becoming more precise, the volume is small, and the internal structure is complicated.

Inch miniature bearing is mainly tolerated by radial load, with the advantages of high speed and low noise. Step motor, video machine magnetic drum, toy model, computer heat sink fan, money order machine, fax machine, and other related fields.

How to choose the well-quality inch miniature bearing

1. Check whether the outer packaging of inch miniature bearing is clear

A regular-brand manufacturer will have its own production and specialized outer packaging design. From the naked eye, the appearance of the packaging is very clear and unambiguous, from the lines to the color blocks.

2. Whether the steel printing is clearly printed on the steel printing

On each bearing, most of the regular manufacturers will have brand names and model specifications. Although the fonts are very small, most of the production at the main factory uses steel printing technology, and the printing is done before the heat treatment. Therefore, although the font is small, it is deep and very clear. The fonts of counterfeit products are not only blurry. Because the printing technology is rough, the fonts float on the surface, and some can even be easily wiped out by hand. 

3. Whether there is a noise of the inch miniature bearing

Hold the bearing inner sleeve in the left hand, pull the coat with the right hand to rotate it, and listen to whether it makes a noise. The majority of counterfeit products are imitated. Because of the simple production conditions, the production conditions are not produced according to the same standards. Instead, they are hand-made with the handicraft experience of the workers and masters. Inside the body, so it will make a noise when rotating. This is a big difference between a positive brand that strictly implements production standards and one that is operated by machine. 

inch miniature bearing

4. Whether there are turbid oil traces on the surface

This is mainly to distinguish between domestic and imported bearings. At present, domestic rustproof technology has not yet reached foreign standards. As a result, when it is processed, domestic bearing generally occurs on the surface. Almost no obvious oil traces can be seen on the surface of the bearings, but there will be a rust -proof flavor

5. Whether the inch miniature bearing backward corner is uniform

The backward angle of the bearing refers to the junction of the horizontal surface and the vertical surface. Due to the imitation bearing manufacturer’s lack of device support and the handmade operation, the corner of the surrounding edge is unsatisfactory.

The above are some relatively simple ways. I hope it will be helpful to everyone。

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