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About The Processing Method Of Ball Bearing Units

Ball bearing units are an important part of contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the friction coefficient during its movement and ensure its rotation accuracy. Ball bearing units is one of the most common bearings in the light industrial machinery industry. The spherical alloy steel ball is installed in the middle of the inner steel ring and the outer steel ring to reduce the friction during the power transmission process and improve the transmission efficiency of mechanical power by rolling. The following is a brief introduction to the processing method of ball bearing units:

Machining of ball bearing units rings

Forging processing Forging processing is the initial processing in the processing of bearing rings, also known as blank processing.

The main functions of ferrule forging are:

(a) Obtaining a blank with a shape similar to the product, thereby improving the utilization rate of metal materials, saving raw materials, reducing the amount of machining, and reducing costs.

(b) Eliminate the inherent defects of the metal, improve the metal structure, make the metal streamline distribution reasonable, and the metal tightness is good, thereby improving the service life of the bearing.

Forging method: Generally, the flow operation is carried out in the equipment body connected by the induction heating furnace, the press, the reaming machine and the shaping machine.

inch size of banded thrust ball bearing

The main functions of annealing ferrule annealing are:

The spheroidizing annealing of high carbon chromium bearing steel is to obtain a structure with fine, small, uniform and round carbide particles evenly distributed on the ferrite matrix, and to prepare the structure for subsequent cold working and subsequent quenching and tempering.

Turning is the semi-finished processing of bearing rings, which can also be said to be forming.

The main functions of turning are:

(a) Make the processed ferrule exactly the same shape as the product.

(b) Create favorable conditions for the subsequent grinding process.

Turning method:

(a) Concentrated process method: small batch production of all turning operations on one piece of equipment.

(b) Dispersed process method: complete mass production of a certain turning process on one piece of equipment.

Heat treatment Heat treatment is a key processing procedure to improve the inherent quality of bearings

The main functions of heat treatment are:

(a) The structure of the material is transformed by heat treatment, and the mechanical properties of the material are improved.

(b) Improve the inherent quality of the bearing (wear resistance, toughness), thereby increasing the bearing life.

Heat treatment method: The heat treatment process of high carbon chromium bearing steel includes quenching and low temperature tempering.

Grinding Grinding is the ultimate machining in bearing rings and rollers, called finished machining.

The main functions of grinding are:

(a) Make the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the ferrule meet the design requirements.

(b) Provide qualified rings for bearing assembly.

Grinding processing method: Generally, it is processed by the dispersed process method, and multiple equipments can also be connected through the loading and unloading devices to form a production line processing to improve production efficiency.

gjp inch size of banded thrust ball bearing

Processing method of ball bearing units

  1. Embryo making: various spherical blanks are made by various process methods.
  2. Coarse grinding: put the spherical blank into the grinding discs with the same size, concentric rings, and triangular grinding grooves, which match the size of the blank, add grinding oil and coarse abrasives, and rotate the upper grinding disc to the bottom. The grinder doesn’t move.
  3. Cleaning: After each rough grinding, the grinding oil and rough abrasive residues adhering to the surface of the ball should be cleaned.
  4. Fine grinding: put the rough grinding blank into the fine grinding machine, add low-viscosity ultra-fine grinding oil and fine abrasives to grind to the standard size;

Polishing: The process is similar to rough grinding and fine grinding.

Assembly of ball bearing units

Bearing assembly is a later process in the bearing production process and has an important impact on bearing performance. According to different technical requirements, the parts (outer ring, inner ring, roller, and cage) processed by various processes are assembled into bearing products with various precisions, various clearances, and other special requirements.

The above is the processing method of ball bearing units. Improving the process of each link of the processing process can effectively improve the quality of the product. The use of special ultra-fine grinding oil in the processing process can greatly improve the accuracy and processing efficiency of the workpiece, and it is not harmful to the human body, the workpiece, the equipment and the environment.

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