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Identificación de fallas en la forma de la unidad de rodamiento de chumacera

Pillow Block Bearings, as important components on the agricultrual parts and mechanical machine, how to increase productivity in factories, first of all, the performance of mechanical equipment must be the best, and what's more important is the quality of bearings and bearing unit. Therefore, during the production and processing of the factory, the pillow block bearings in the mechanical equipment must be well checked, and through the belowing way, we could identify whether there is problem for the Pillow Block Bearing units:

1. Identify by voice

Recognition by voice requires good experience. Must be fully trained to be able to identify Pillow Block Bearing sounds and non-bearing sounds. because of this, this work should be carried out by dedicated personnel. The sound of the bearing can be clearly heard by attaching a hearing aid or a sound stick to the casing.

2. Identification by working temperature

This method is a comparative identification method and is limited to applications where the operating status does not change much. For this, continuous temperature recording must be performed. When a fault occurs, not only will the temperature rise, but irregular changes will also occur. This method is suitable for use with the voice recognition method.

3. Identification by the state of the lubricant

Sampling and analysis of lubricants, according to the degree of contamination, whether mixed with foreign matter or metal powder, etc. to determine. This method is particularly effective for bearings or large bearings that cannot be viewed close.


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